Quilty previews

Hello Friends, I have had the pleasure of focusing on the quilting part while working on some exciting projects.  Here are a couple of sneak peeks.  They have the feel of rich hot dark chocolate with a hint of raspberry and marshmallow…



How is your Christmas shaping up?  We are slowly seeing more and more Christmas around the house.  And with Miss Baby, it’s almost like we are in all things crafty when it comes to Christmas.   I will have pictures to show you later on.

But I cannot leave today without sharing with you this very quilty Christmas ornament.  Being an aspiring artisan (sort of, and I can at least dream), I am always sourcing home grown artisan Christmas things for my collection.  I am always amazed at just how talented some people are out there.  You can purchase this star ornament here.  [I will have a few more noteworthy American made ornaments to share with you before the season is over.]

Star ornament

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends!  Thanks to you all who have shared about your Advent Calendar here.  I enjoyed reading about your Advent Calendars.  Now, curious mind wants to know if you have a favorite ornament, and if so, what it is like.

11 thoughts on “Quilty previews

  1. Gorgeous quilting, as usual. Aspiring?? I think you’ve made it. Gorgeous star, too. I love looking at the wooden boxes and things with quilt squares in the design. There are some wonderful crafters. As for my favorite ornaments, most have to do with my son. He has ornaments for each year. My personal favorite is a pink and silver glittered ball that was on the tree when I was a little girl. When I moved, I took that ornament, and it’s always sweet to see it again each year.

  2. Your quilting is wonderful as always….dontcha just love to stitch with beautifully contrasting thread???? That is a gorgeous quilt!!!!! My fave ornament(s) have all the attributes & markings of sweet little fingers of years ago. Most were made in Sunday School gatherings. Sweet memories for sure.

  3. Your sneak peek has the makings of another gorgeous quilt. I love the awesome contrasting quilting. Looking forward to seeing it in its entirety.

    I have several treasured ornaments. I have a silver and blue Angel that belonged to my Grandmother. Another favorite is our, still in use, treetop star created by our oldest son, who is now 46, when he was about five. It is a cardboard star covered in tinfoil. The attached ring is cut from a toilet paper roll. Other favorites are the small red stockings each of our four children made while in kindergarten. I better stop as I could go on and on as most of our ornaments, collected over the years, have special meaning. PS….we have an eclectically decorated tree.

  4. Oh Yah! I’m loving what I’m seeing on your drawing board! Can’t wait until you can share. The design and quilting are spectacular as always. We have many special ornaments in the Miller household. Some are crystal and some of blown glass — many are redbirds. Thanks for the sweet post… xo

  5. Wendy, your quilting is gorgeous, as always. Can’t wait to see the whole quilt. Our Christmas tree ornaments are very eclectic, collected over almost a forty year span. We have ornaments our daughter made as a child, which thoroughly embarrass her now. I have a special fondness for angels and stars.

  6. Wendy there will never be a time where I’m not thrilled to see & be inspired by your quilting. It must be a joy to craft with Miss Baby. Although I know there might be challenges.
    My favorite ornaments are the White House Historical ornaments. Merry Christmas!

  7. Rosemary B here:
    Beautiful colors, I love stars and great quilting. Is this the work you stayed up late in the night for? This is just lovely.
    It is very good for all kids to get involved in projects and crafts. Good for them to do something relaxing but also complete something. the whole process is fun or interesting and they learn from it.
    I have many treasured tree ornaments. My very favorites are ones from Germany or Holland. i have many cute Delft ornaments. I also have some glass rings from Germany with a wooden angel hanging in the middle. Then i have the usual ornaments that are just treasures either given by friends, or handmade by my girls.
    Happy Thursday. The sun is coming out today. I am going to go out for a brisk walk later.

  8. I love chocolatey browns. It was my desire one time to make an ornament of every craft that I had tried. I didn’t quite make it, but I have several. An ornament is a great way to learn a new craft – my first cross-stitching projects were ornaments. I don’t have one overall favorite ornament but I have many with special memories.

  9. Those colors are really yummy and your quilting is gorgeous on them. Those stars are so pretty and look as though they are beautifully made.

    My favorite ornaments are the ones that the children made when they were little. I could never replace those.

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