Christmas tradition: Advent Calendars

Hello Friends!  Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you have had a lovely day.  One of the most exciting Christmas traditions at the Ivory Spring household is the Advent Calendar we bring out every year for Miss Baby.  She is always excited to open the “next” door.


I was browsing the news and came across this Wedgwood Jasperware Advent Calendar — more aptly known as Advent House!  Each window opens to a different Wedgwood Jasperware ornament.  WOW!!!  Click here to read the article, and to see the ornaments.  I am a dishaholic, but I do not collect Jasperware items.  I am really tempted after seeing these ornaments…


While most of us mere mortals aren’t probably not going to be able to afford a 12,000 pound Advent House (especially due to the fact that only 3 were made!), the idea of Advent Calendar is a nice reflection of the anticipation of the buildup to Christmas, much like the Jews longing and desiring for their Messiah to come. And as we look forward to Christmas each year, we too look forward to salvation in its fullest sense.

So, curious mind is curious if Advent Calendar is part of your family’s Christmas tradition.  If so, what kind of Advent Calendar do you have?

18 thoughts on “Christmas tradition: Advent Calendars

  1. Hi Wendy, Rosemary B here:
    Happy Rainy Tuesday
    I have a Christmas tree that my mom made. It is felt, green, and undecorated and it is sewn onto a large tan piece of felt.
    We have 24 pockets with very fancy felt hand sewn ornaments to pin on.
    We have had this for at least 25 years.
    The girls used to take turns putting an ornament on the tree.
    I just got it out. It looks tired but I am thinking of reproducing it x 2 for my dear daughters and their hubbs’. Yeah, like I have time…
    My oldest daughter is 12 weeks pregnant and we are all crazy happy over here
    That Wedgwood house looks very cool but too heavy for me.
    Wedgwood is nice. I have several small pieces of it. It is nice…. I love Limoges china better hahaha, and Hummels are nice.

  2. I still have these from when my two daughters were young. They are made from cardstock (I believe I bought them from the Current company, this would have to be mid to late 1980s) and look like chimneys that hold the individual numbered boxes to count down to Christmas day. So you take a box from the bottom and the rest slide down the chimney, ready for the next day. I used to put a piece of candy or some money in each box, along with a little ornament that had a piece of velcro on the back. We made felt-covered cardboard Christmas trees, decorated with beads and sequins, and they put their ornaments on the trees every day.

  3. I love advent calendar’s. Had a cardboard one growing up with doors that folded open with a picture behind each. It was what Christmas season started with and it was my everything. When shopping with my mom…I spied a wooden brightly painted shaped luke a tree with opening and closing doors with little wood knobs. Buying it for my niece who would be 3 after Christmas…Mom filled it with coins and dollars and notes of love. Asking her what she was going to do with her money…she said firmly “Ride the Train”

  4. We always had advent calendars some home made of felt. But after a while the cardboard chocolate ones were easier so each child had their own. The advent wreath on the kitchen table was also special as each child took turns lighting the candle at dinner time.
    PS I would love the wedge wood jasper ware I have the teacup but not ornament also a heart shaped jasper ware box and several plates.
    Our Tree is white with blue ornaments so they would be perfect if I win the lottery. LOL.

  5. We had Advent candles. Each night before bed, we burned them about 1/4″ until Christmas eve. I think Advent calendars of any kind are fun.

  6. Wow – that Advent House is stunning! I think Wedgwood is my favourite in all sorts of respects. Love Wedgwood China, love Wedgwood ornaments, love the colour!
    We always had an Advent Calendar when I was little – each day would be a new surprise. A few years ago a friend gave me an Advent quilt which I really should get hung up now!

  7. I was introduced to advent calendars when I married. MIL gave us the felt tree with pocketet ornaments to hang each day. The calendar survived our children and was much loved. Plastic year I made a quilted version for my grandson. He loves it.

  8. I think you need that, Wendy!!!

    I am back in the land of the living after a loooooooong recovery. I am so thankful to be feeling better.

    Hope you are all doing well and that you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Love you,


  9. We have a lovely wooden advent calendar with a nativity scene painted on it. I put Messianic Scriptures and nativity figures behind the doors. :)

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  10. About 40 years ago my mom & sister made an advent calendar for my boys, a green felt Christmas tree wall hanging with pockets of ornaments to snap on the tree each day. Each ornament pocket had a piece of paper with a Bible verse & a description of the significance of each ornament. When the boys married I traced the ornaments & made one for each of them. It was a tradition to read the Bible verse & put the ornament up each morning in December. I’d send you a picture, but it’s packed away in the cedar chest now. This post brought back some sweet memories to me.

  11. The “Advent House” is amazing….and only 3 made!!! I think there’s a reason ($$$??). Growing up we had the Advent calendar tradition sporadically and I guess that it slipped by me when our boys were young. The Advent wreath/candles are here, though. Some traditions are too precious to lose. (smile)

  12. Now THAT is one grand Advent calendar!!! We still have the one that our children had, It is a wallhanging of the stable. The little pieces are in pockets and attach with velcro to fill in the entire nativity setting with the Baby’s pocket opened on Christmas.

  13. Some dear friends used to send us one every year that was pretty much in the form of a large greeting card with little windows that would open up. I still have them but haven’t reused them. I do still use one made of fabric with little pockets with 1-24 numbered on them, and a little stuffed mouse that can be moved from pocket to pocket as the month progresses. It’s not particularly beautiful, but it is special to me because it came from my mom, who passed away several years ago.

  14. My kids loved the advent calendars when they were young. Now that they don’t arrive home until just before Christmas, I don’t do the one we had with special gifts inside. I have one made of felt many many years ago that I still like to get out and use each year.

  15. The Advent calendars with chocolates in them were a fun tradition with of course the Bible verse for the day. This year I sent advent cards to our grand niece, nephew and to Hope and Andrew. Opening the doors was always fun! I found an English made one in England this summer that I bought for Katie…

  16. Yes we do advent calendars here though it isn’t something we did as kids. When Jammer came along I wanted to start a new tradition for my family and we bought a nice keepsake advent calendar like yours. Of course we bought another when Sunshine came home. They both look forward to it every day during the season buy boy is it hard to find things to fit in those boxes at times and not spend a fortune while doing that.

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