Around The World Quilt Blog Tour: What, Why, and How I Create?

Happy Monday, Dear Friends!  Today, I am excited to be tagged by Rebecca of Cheeky Cognoscenti to participate in the  Around The World Quilt Blog Tour.  Thank you, Rebecca!  Rebecca is an amazing sewist, and she works on the most beautiful quilt projects!

WELCOME to those who are visiting for the first time.  I hope you will have a fun visit here.


So for the Blog Tour, I have to answer the following four questions.


Because of the nature of my work that is almost exclusively for feature in various publications, I am not able to fully disclose exactly what I am working on currently or recently worked on, except for a peek that involves a fence.


However, I can show you some of the projects I have worked on and completed.

1.  Recreating Antique Quilts, Landauer Publishing, 2014 — I have at various times in the last few weeks shared about my newly released book, Recreating Antique Quilts.

00 RAQCover

Following are a few of the projects featured in the book:

Oh, Happy Stars!

low rew_Happy Stars Styled

Calico Trail, Feathery Formation, Priscilla’s Garden Party

Blog -ThreeQuilts

Floral Fancy


Ivory Baltimore


You may click here, and here to read about, and what others have said about the book. And if you are still interested, check back within the next week – I will be sharing more about the book based on the Schoolhouse presentation I did at the most recent Houston Fall Quilt Market 2014.



2.  A few 2014 magazine features.

Please click here to view the exhaustive list of all my featured work.

A Mother’s Love (Popular Patchwork UK, September 2014)

mothers love1

POD1_low res

Stars Aligned (Australian Quilters Companion, Issue 68)

Design 1h_67.5 x 79.5

Spiral Squared (McCall’s Quilting, January/February 2014)



Song of Praise (The Quilter, August/September 2014)


3.  Other favorites.

Coxcombs and Berries (The Quilter, December 2011/January 2012)



Peppermint Parcels (Quilter’s World, December 2010)

peppermint parcels6

peppermint parcels2

Urban Stars (Quilt Trends, Winter 2014)

Urban Stars Layout

4.  I have also designed free-to-use patterns for various fabric companies.

Please click here to view the exhaustive list of free-to-use patterns.

Movement in Squares



Pagoda Paradise

High Res_4f_74 x 80

Santa’s Sleigh



I honestly aren’t quite sure how to answer that question.  I like to work on a variety of styles, but if I were to be pegged, I think I consider myself a traditionalist with a colorful twist.  I like to use colors in my designs.

Sunburst Melody (Annie’s Sweet Layer Cakes Book)



Nature Walk (American Patchwork & Quilting Calendar Cover Quilt, 2014)

Scrappy Jewels (Fons & Porter Easy Quilts, Winter 2013)

scrappy jewels layout


I think I also like to make quilting integral to my overall quilt designs.  I am passionate about helping and encouraging quilters to try quilting their own quilts, and add their own flair of quilting to the quilt tops they make.  Check out my Learn to Machine Quilt class here.

Attention to Detail (American Patchwork & Quilting, June 2011)

Attention to detail3

Oh, Happy Stars (Recreating Antique Quilts, 2014)


Silver Maple (Fons and Porter’s Table Toppers Book, Cover Quilt, 2014)


Harrison’s Urn

Sweet Meadow (The Quilter, August/September 2012)


Quilting Around the Applique Block (Quilter’s World, April 2011)



I don’t think of myself as necessarily creating as I believe only the Creator truly creates.  I am merely assembling and arranging fabric pieces to pay a tribute to my Creator and to reflect His glory, albeit feebly executed on my part.

Stained Glass (Simple Quilts & Sewing, Spring 2013) 

stained glass4

Rainbow Ketupat (Fons & Porter Scrap Quilts, 2011)


I also quilt to be a part of the rich American quilting legacy.

Color Burst (Quilt, June/July 2013)


Candied Pomegranate (Quilters World, February 2012)



Oftentimes I get to preview upcoming fabrics because of my line of work.  So often times fabrics are the starting point of my designs.  What amazes me is that sometimes I can have totally different looking designs from the same fabric line.

From RJR’s Claridge Manor fabrics, I made…

Christmastide (Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts, Winter 2013)


Rising Stars (The Quilter Cover Quilt, August/September 2013)


Christmas Cheer (Quilter’s World, Autumn 2013)


When my projects are not fabric specific, I indulge in extensive research in my stash to find the perfect fabrics for my designs.

Hole in the Wall (Generation Q, May/June 2014)


I also keep a journal of ideas of possible designs to which I refer regularly to mentally develop my designs before they become a reality.

Garden Mist (Quilter’s World, Summer 2013)


And with that, I shall conclude my post!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  I will be revealing later this week who is being tagged for the next Around the World Quilt Blog Tour.  Have a great week ahead!

15 thoughts on “Around The World Quilt Blog Tour: What, Why, and How I Create?

  1. Always fun to saunter into your world for a bit. I think you’ve said it well…..a traditionalist but with a color ‘twist’. BUT your quilting is the “cherry on the top”/the finish that takes the piecing over the top!!!!! Forever an admirer…..hugs………

  2. What a treat to see so many of your wonderful quilts “on parade”! I think what sets your work apart is how different each quilt you make is and how well each fits with and interprets the fabric! I admire this in particular as I imagine you don’t always get to choose the fabrics you are asked to use but you always make them look their best. Mentioning no names (as i wouldn’t want to hurt any feelings) there are some designers who are producing work that becomes a bit “samey” for me after a while. I always look forward to seeing what you will come up with next!

  3. What a wonderful show! There were even some quilts I’ve never seen before! You have truly been blessed with creativity by our Creator. You continue to inspire me. I’m so grateful that I found you!

  4. Happy Monday!! Love your post this morning. “Sew” much fun to reminisce through your gallery of quilts that you have sew lovingly stitched. A beautiful display and tribute to you and your talent!! One of my all-time favorites is “A Mothet’s Love” and the version that you did for “The Quilter” magazine. I love the birds, the scene, and everything about it, including the message it conveys. In my eyes, your “signature” quilt. I am loving your book too!! Continue with your inspiration!!

  5. Yes, I also enjoyed seeing the variety of quilts in this post! I especially love the way you quilted different motifs into the background of your Oh, Happy Stars quilt. So much energy there, definitely a quilt where the quilting designs make a huge impact.

    I have just one more comment for you — I know another reason why you create. It’s the light that shines through in every tutorial post you write, and I’m sure it’s shining brightly in the classes you teach and in your new book as well. Through your teaching, your tutorials, and your many patterns and magazine features, I can only imagine how many lives you have touched and how many new quilters you must have inspired and encouraged. Your creative gifts are certainly gifts of the Spirit, and I hope you know that the work you do sharing those gifts with the world is a blessing to others.

    Thanks again for participating in the blog tour, and for all you do to share your love of quilting with others!

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