Curious mind WANTS to know…. if you could…

… have the Cadillac version of batting, what features would you like to have for the batting?!


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I liken the batting to the “meat” in my sandwiches – an ingredient of great importance.  And since I quilt on a domestic machine, it is crucial that I use a “great to work with” batting.  You can read my thoughts on my favorite battings by clicking here, and here.


Recently, I discovered I also really like the recently released Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool batting (Blend of Fine Cotton and Superwash Wool).  It is still light and perfect for domestic machine quilting, but it has a bit more substance to the batting compared to the regular Tuscany Wool.


I quilted my recently completed  A Scandinavian Romance with the Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool!  LOVE IT!


SO – tell me, Dear Friends, what do you look for in your dream piece of batting?  Loft? Light? Resin coated? Natural fiber? ANYTHING – curious mind wants to know.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely rest of the week.  Hugs to you all.

p.s.  You can keep up with the latest on Hobbs by following their Facebook page here.   I met the Hobbs team at Houst Fall Market last month – the sweetest people!  I do regret the lack of pictures though – what was I thinking?!

19 thoughts on “Curious mind WANTS to know…. if you could…

  1. I love a batting that shrinks up a little when washed and dried giving a quilt the antique crinkly look – does the Tuscany wool/cotton do that? I also like a batting with no scrim and must be easy to hand quilt – I normally use quilters dream 100% cotton – soft and easy to hand quilt

  2. I like natural fibers like Cotton or wool. I also like a the blend of silk and other fibers Quilters Dream oriental one. Your quilt is just amazing. Love the blue flower quilt so much. I kind of like how it puffs up nicely with your quilting!

  3. My go to batting is Warm and Natural. Love the white for white fabrics and neutral for medium colours. Black is a must for black quilts. I have never used wool and am not the greatest FMQuilter. Cost is always a factor for me too.

  4. Rosemary b here:
    I like batting that does not have bumps or hard pieces. I like soft cotton.
    Not too thick. I am still in batting elementary school so I guess I should buy some Hobbs. I did buy some at Hobby Lobby.

  5. My favorites look better and come together after washing, like wool. I like high loft and sometimes use two layers of wool batting to show off the quilting. I like battings that don’t hold a memory when you fold them. And I like them to dry quickly after washing. Is that too much?

  6. I bought a silk and wool bat at a quilt show a couple of years ago. It is the “sandwich” in a flannel quilt that I made. It is on the guest bed and everyone who has every slept under it comments how light it is . They also say it is warm but not too warm. Funny thing is I have not slept under this quilt!!!

  7. Beautiful. As I fully respect your opinion, I definitely want to try this batting.

    I only have a little experience with wool batting, but I do like some. Yet, I like the ease of quilting with a cotton batting, as well as durability. So a blend of cotton and wool sounds inviting. For me a low-loft, durable batting that creates a comfy cozy quilt vs a somewhat stiffer batting for a show quilt, is what I prefer.

    I do have a friend, who many years ago, hand pieced the same design and hand quilted about ten quilts, all using different battings. It was fun to hug and wrap up inside of each quilt to feel the difference of each batting. Her test certainly influenced me for finding a favorite batting, but the key point is that test was years ago and technology and batting manufacturing is rapidly evolving. And, this batting is definitely going to be on my radar to check out. Just need to find it in my LQS first (or online?).


  8. Even though I have allergies, I really like the results of using wool batting, and Quilter’s Dream wool is the best to me. I appreciate its higher, even loft, and how beautifully it washes. I recently made a quilt for a friend undergoing chemo therapy and used Quilter’s Dream wool. I only quilted it about every six inches, so the quilt is soft, cuddly, and lightweight. My friend says she sleeps very well under that quilt.

  9. I like natural fiber battings. I love the shrinking it gives to my quilts. I’m very partial to antique quilts. I too sew on a domestic sewing machine. And quilting with a small throat plate, polyester can be a bit much. Also, Natural fiber batting breathe better to me than polyester battings. I have used polyester batting for quilted purses, placemats, and such. It gives these type of items the bouce back look and feel after every washing. I will have to try this new batting. Thanks for letting us know how you feel about Hobbs cotton wool blend

  10. I like your review of that cotton/wool batt. I may try it. I often use Hobbs Thermore batt since it is very thin but very warm. I also like the shrinkage you get with real cotton, which gives an antique look. I would also like to try fusible batting, if I could be sure it would wash out when done.

  11. I quilted a quilt for my grand niece and used wool batting. I loved the puffiness. And the stitches looked so pretty! I want to try a silk batting. I’ve always used 80/20 Dream Cotton, the middle loft. I did use the lowest loft one time and hated it. I haven’t usually paid attention to the batting, but your words of wisdom have me thinking!

  12. I’ve stuck with the Hobbs 80/20 cuz I love the “shrink factor” and it does give a traditional cozy look w/o being super heavy. I love the silk and wool for the lack of weight but nice warmth. The quilt on our bed now is layered 80/20 and wool…light and nicely warm. Will have to keep an eye out for this one you speak of!!!!!

  13. I liek Hobbs 80/20, but it is not easy to find locally. That seems to be a big deciding factor for me. AVAILABILITY. I have some of the Tuscany that you mentioned. I’m saving it for a quilt I have yet to finish! LOL…..2 yrs and holding on the borders, that I have fab for just haven’t cut.

  14. I know nothing about batting but I was at the Rogers Sewing Center recently and bought your new book which I have shared with one of my quilting neighbors. Also, I’m so excited about your ’15 visit to Rogers for a few days. Will be seeing you there if all goes according to my plans.

    My neighbor learned how to quilt from your first quilting teacher who at one time lived across the street from me.

    Small World!

  15. I used the wool/cotton batting on my Farmer’s Wife quilt and I’m glad I did. It give the piece a little dimmension but it is also a little lighter but still has some drape. I do however love Quilters Dream cotton or Quilters Dream wool. Hopefully they will come out with a combo of cotton and wool since their battings are a little more consistent with thickness of the batt.

  16. I think the end result is a direct result of the batting we use. I used hobbs for years, I have nothing against it, it’s flat like old fashion quilts……..then Quilters Dream came into my life. Hands down the best batting I have ever used. The cotton select, little poof to your quilting and not flat, Dream Wool, love it! Thick enough to define your quilting, it’s warm and snugly and over quilting doesn’t make your quilt stiff. I use both together sometimes to give that little bit of extra poof. Love this batting and hope all will give it a try.

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