BLOG HOP: Recreating Antique Quilts

Happy Monday, Friends!  Here is to a lovely week for all of us.  I am MOST excited to announce a BLOG HOP going on today for my book Recreating Antique Quilts.

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Four quilting bloggers, for whom I have great admiration and respect, are giving you their review and a giveaway of the book, and showing you how they have used one of the patterns in the book.  I am not going to spoil it for you by giving away any sneak peeks.  You just have to visit their blogs to find out.

The participants are selected to be part of the hop because I feel each of them brings something different to the table, and I want to highlight their work through the projects of Recreating Antique Quilts.

1.  Cathi of Quilt Obsession (

Cathi is a hand quilter.  She hand pieces, and does hand applique, as well as hand quilts her quilts.  Cathi will be reviewing the book and the projects from her hand quilting background.  It ought to be very interesting!

2.  Karen of Karen’s Quilts, Crows and Cardinals (

Karen is a great designer with wool.  But her talents extend beyond wool.  Look for her to shine, not that she isn’t already shining!!  Karen loves birds – you have a friend in Karen if you love birds too.

3.  Mary of Needled Mom (

Mary is a happy quilter – I would describe her sense of colors as striking!  She sews to bless others.  I have been blessed by her work.  She is traditional in her pursuits, but she pursue her pursuits with lots of spunk.

4.  Vicki of Field Trips in Fiber (

Vicki is a very clever and innovative quilter.  To me, she is scientific in her approach to quilting, but with a lot of art!  Vicki does beading, glass making, needlework, hand applique, fancy basket weaing and more — like fabric dyeing!  Vicki sells her hand dyed fabrics through her store.  Click here to see Vicki’s beautiful offerings.


Meanwhile, I saw this picture of moi’s book signing at Landauer’s booth this last week at Fall Quilt Market in Houston.  Click here if you would like to have a signed copy of the book.  I have a limited number of copies available.

Oh, before I forget, did you check if you won the giveaway on Landauer’s Blog at


Image source: Landauer Publishing’s Facebook

Alrightie, Friends.  I hope you have a most fun blog hop!!  Have a great week ahead.  I will catch up with you later.

13 thoughts on “BLOG HOP: Recreating Antique Quilts

  1. I just love how you have transformed those lovely antique quilts to give them new life! I too, have visited the other blogs and was fascinated by how different fabrics and colors really give each piece it’s own personality. Wonderful!

  2. Visiting the different blogs was fun to see how others recreated your quilts. I’ve reread your book several times, maybe by spring I can start making some. Again congratulations & see you in April!! :)

  3. Wendy, I wish your book was in shops now. We are going shop hopping on Friday and I’m looking for patterns. But my favorite quilt shop will have the book ASAP and I’ll just mentioned it to someone for Christmas. Next year will be a good one to work my way through your boo. That is unless I win a copy!!!!

  4. The book looks intriguing. i love reproducing antique quilts, especially those from pre civil war and civil war era. Love the fabrics used at that time in history.

  5. Am visiting from Karen’s Quilts, Crows, and Cardinals. What a great blog hop to feature what appears to be a must have book for any quilter’s library. Am looking forward to visiting the rest of the hosts!

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