I am participating in “It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event”!

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Happy Friday, Friends!  I am honored to be part of It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event, hosted by SewCalGal!  I am particularly excited to be part of the hop because as you know, Miss Baby, has been a huge part of my life — and as a result, my blog.

water mountain3

I think the medium of crafting can vary when crafting with kids.  This post documents a bit about my crafting experience with Miss Baby starting when she was about 2 till the present.  Besides being fun, crafting with children is great for building relationships as well as teaching useful skills.



My crafting experience with Miss Baby started out with paper and stickers.

1.  Teaching fall colors, handling glue stick and paper pieces – this project was done before Miss Baby turned 2.  You can see that at this point it was a “monkey see monkey do operation” with the sample on the side that I had made.

fall tree1

fall tree2

2.  Teaching following instructions through the alphabets and concept of stickers using sticky foamies.  That snowman project was about the time when we introduced crayons at our house.  These projects were also done before Miss Baby turned 2.




3.  Teaching sizes from big to small using a muffin linen cup Christmas tree craft – we repeated the project two years in a row because the project made such an impression on Miss Baby.  The good thing about this craft project is that Miss Baby was able to disassemble the tree and reassemble the tree over and over again.


4.  Teaching pattern – a paper quilt with crayons and stickers.


5. Card making – Miss Baby did this with the shapes I drew and cut for her two summers ago. You can see here Miss Baby is starting to write down her thoughts!




I make sure Miss Baby always has drawing tools (pencils, pens, crayons, paints, markers etc) ever since she was old enough to scribble.

1.  Birdhouses



2.  Coloring

Summer 2013


3.  Drawing – I started asking Miss Baby to use stories for her drawings.

Summer 2013 / Noah’s Ark


Spring 2013 / Peter Rabbit (you remember that scene where Peter Rabbit was stuck at Mr. McGregor’s garden?)


Here are a few she did just within the last week or so.


Princess Miss Baby on a unicorn, on her way to a castle:IMG_7852

Miss Baby Fishing:



I find that crafting with Miss Baby was limited to paper, stickers and crayon for a while until she was old enough to tackle the needle and thread.  I am not quite comfortable with Miss Baby using the sewing machine.  So, this year I started her only on handsewing.


1.  Random sewing of buttons to teach the mechanism of stitch formation through the up and down of needle.

February 2014


2.  Uniform stitching to teach patterns, counting and patience – although Miss Baby didn’t have too much trouble with the patience part!  Click here and here to read more about how to prepare the projects for a child.

Miss Baby’s first “real” cross stitch finish, August 2014:



Miss Baby’s second cross stitch finish, September 2014:



We currently have a couple of work-in-progress projects.  So stay tuned for more details. :)

I am passionate about passing down the love of crafting to the next generation. The process is most gratifying to both the parent and the child, and most importantly, it is building a treasury of memories to be passed down to generations in the future — when Miss Baby is able to tell her kids and grandkids how she remembers crafting with me!


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Thank you for stopping by.  Have a most lovely weekend.

I realized it’s October 31 today — I think there are going to be a lot of happily “candy-coated” children!!! :)  It’s a bit strange, but Miss Baby does not eat candies.  But she gets most offended if she is not given her fair share.  She brought home about two pounds of candies last night from church, and never even bother to taste a piece from her stash.

I am supposed to have somewhat of a “German” meal for dinner tonight for Reformation Day.  Happy Reformation Day! Click here, here and here to read about my past Reformation Day posts.

92 thoughts on “I am participating in “It’s All About The Kids Craft Blogging Event”!

  1. I was speaking with someone yesterday about my grandchildren. They love to come to grandma’s house because of all the creative items they are given during their visits. One of their favorites was a bin of fabric scraps. They loved to touch and talk about all the different designs and textures.

  2. I love that you are passing on your crafting skills. I have just retired and plan on spending many hours crafting with my grandchildren

  3. What a wonderful post! I knew you spent a lot of time with her & it was fun to see the progression from stickers to cross stitch. If only all children had moms like you! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. It is important to pass your passion on to your children. I always did various crafts with my two children. Now I’m teaching my grand nephews to sew. I’m proud that my son can do his own sewing and he taught himself to knit.

  5. Love seeing her artwork. My daughter is wanting to learn to sew. I’m ok with her using the sewing machine, but I’m thinking of teaching her to cross stitch first.

  6. It’s such fun to see Miss Baby’s progress in her joy of crafts. I love teaching my children and grandchildren needle work. Now one of my granddaughters is in her 4 th year in fashion and design. Many of the others have a love of crafting.

  7. So so fun to see all Miss Baby’s projects and the development of her “art”. I love how children create and try to get out of the way with my ideas and let them create what comes from their hearts. I enjoy crafting and sewing with 11 grandchildren and find the boys are sewers too :-)

  8. Very precious moments for both of you! Tomorrow Faith and I will be doing something with a craft. She is spending the weekend with me.

  9. A precious collage of memories!! For many years, my grand daughter and I would make up multiples of a snowman for her to give that year for Christmas. We did it for about 9 years and had a ton of fun. The first ones were a challenge for me to devise a simple enough item but one that would be a keepsake for the recipient. I was the only one who didn’t get a set!!!! I will be getting the set given to my mom when she down-sizes in the coming year, though. Great post!!!!!!!

  10. I love seeing how your crafting with Miss Baby has progressed. I think it is especially nice that you’ve created projects from her early cross-stitching. Those will be keepsakes and treasures,

  11. When my great grand daughter comes over [she is 3] we do all kinds of crafts too. She loves it when we paint or draw on paper.

  12. Lovely post Wendy. I love seeing how you are sharing your talent with your daughter. I’m sure one day she will find her own gifting, but it all starts with teaching her the love of using her hands and creativity. Have a blessed weekend!

  13. Such a special post! Love all the beautiful, creative projects! And absolutely love that dedication! Can only wish the same for my littles. :)

  14. Sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job of passing down your love of crafting. My oldest daughter has the bug, but unfortunately, my youngest doesn’t have the patience!

  15. Love your post, seeing the progression of crafting from paper and stickers to using needle and thread. Such wonderful memories are being created. Years from now, looking at these projects or pictures will bring back the happy times. All of my nine grandchildren are “crafters.” Each of their moms is really into that sort of thing. When they would visit with me we always had some sort of craft, they always checked out my “special cupboard.” Fun and happy times, fun and happy memories.

  16. Wonderful post Wendy. Miss Gwendolyn’s artistic skills are growing in leaps and bounds. You are a wonderful mother to encourage her so much! I will be using some of your ideas with my grandchildren. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  17. Do you live in an other demension where everyday has 96hrs!!!! I marvel at what you seem to accomplish, and all the things you do beside just quilting!! I’m green with envy. I love your thought process.
    TTFN Betsey

  18. Rosemary B here
    Happy Reformation Day.
    I hope you have a fun time providing treats to the Costumed Candy Collectors
    I love that you encourage Miss Baby to create. It is a good outlet. A wonderful way to express yourself. A good lesson to follow directions.
    It is so great to have piles of art supplies!!!!
    My daughters often remind me of all of the joviality and escapades we enjoyed over the years. One year we were enticed to enter a Halloween costume contest.
    We worked tirelessly on making Christina a Christmas tree and Elizabeth a present with a big bow for a hat.
    we went for the parade, and in the end….. we indeed did win the contest….
    What did we win? a small pumpkin with no stem.
    The girls were rather disappointed hahaha
    Happy Friday
    love always

  19. It is so amazing to see how Miss G has progressed over the years. She is such a doll! My oldest GD is my crafting buddy. Recently she completed her first quilt. It was so great to be able to share this with her!

  20. As a mom it is so fun and amazing to watch my kid’s art develop! I love the idea of introducing cross stitch and button sewing. We did a doll quilt on my machine this summer, but I can’t always get the machine out with my 2 year old around so hand sewing would be a nice alternative!

  21. What a fun and inspirational post Wendy. I find it very helpful to see what crafty projects Miss Baby created at various ages and to see how far she has progressed in such a short time. Were you a teacher in a past life? Amazing how you have taught her and helped her love being creative (as she loves to learn). Not sure if you taught her to not be interested in candy, as I would love to learn and acquire that skill. LOL!

    Great post. Thank you for participating and sharing in the Its all about the kids blogging event.


  22. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the crafts completed by your daughter. I am confident this has increased her creativity. It is great to see her progress and I loved all the color.

  23. HI, I just loved your Post today! Remembering all the coloring me and my sister did together>what memories! Thanks !

  24. Oh Wendy…those photos are just precious. The joy of watching children create fills my soul. I need to post more about all the projects we have done here….the day just escaped me.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  25. What a sweeeet lil’ daughter you have!! She has learned amazing things from you!! Awesome! My daughter’s are older, but I have taught them things I know,,,and many that we have learned together! :) This year, I am teaching our grangirlie to sew, and crochet..she is 7. Wouldn’t trade the Special Moment’s my Daughter’s, and now, grangirlie are sharing! Grrrreat fun!

  26. What a moving blog post! The lovely pictures and sentiments just make my heart sing. I have a four year old granddaughter and we spend a lot of time together playing with buttons and fabric in my sewing room. You expressed in words just how precious this time is – we are creating memories together. I love the idea of randomly sewing buttons on fabric. We haven’t done that, and we certainly will next time she comes to visit. Thanks again for sharing. Miss Baby is lucky to have you in her life.

  27. I think it’s great when parents spend time creating with their kids — or any kids, for that matter. My mom did with me and my sisters and I did with my son and now with a niece. A great way to spend time together.

  28. I did some crafts with my boys, but we mostly baked together. It is truly a gift shared by both when we do things with our children or grandchildren

  29. I just love Miss Baby, and how you are raising her. The crafts are wonderful for her age. I’ve taught elementary school, and always made sure my students had supplies to create, and now I teach sewing. I love this hop! Thanks. P.S, her dresses are wonderful, too.

  30. Such a sweet journey with Miss Baby! Having raised 2 boys, the artistic gene was expressed more in building things. My older son is quite the artist however and is passing his gifts on to his daughter. She has made several doll quilts and has a Christmas quilt in the planning stages for her mom. I think she will be getting a little Janome for Christmas. She’s a little intimidated by my bigger one, so will try to find one more suited for an 8 yr old.

  31. Teaching children the love of sewing is giving them a life-long skill and promotes creativity! Today’s kids’ activities are getting away from the hands-on tactile element. Their hands are always on technology! It makes me sad to see kids with their eyes glazed over looking so often at “screens” and losing how to be creative.

  32. The other day I watched my 7 yr old granddaughter patiently try to find an end (and succeed) in a knotted mass of embroidery floss so she could string some beads. I made some cardboard spools and helped her untangle all her floss to wind around the spools. She thanked me for organizing her and I can tell she’s going to be one who will enjoy making things with me, whether it’s crafting or sewing. I look forward to doing some projects with her.

  33. I so wish I had a granddaughter, all boys here. They don’t care about crafts and sewing. It’s dirt and bugs but that’s OK I live out in the country. Loved your story.

  34. What a wonderful post Wendy! I always enjoy a glimpse of Miss Baby and it looks like she will be a creative as you are!

  35. I think crafting with your children is a special time. Good for you, she will grow up and show that same patience to her children. Thank you for the giveaway.

  36. Heh. I used to love Trick or Treating when I was little, but I never gorged myself on the candies. I just loved getting dressed up and collecting the candy.

  37. I love your thought process and progression in teaching her step by step. (You don’t need to enter my name in the contest. I am sure the active quilters here would make much more use of the fat quarters).

    I am amazed that she doesn’t like candy, but in the long run she will be the healthier for it.

  38. She may not remember exactly what you two did, but she will remember you did it together! My mom and I crafted. I remember some of the crafts we did. I remember the time as fun. Hope you and Miss Baby create many happy crafting memories!

  39. Being a retired preschool teacher, I enjoyed reading about your projects with your child but the best part is that you enjoyed spending time with her. Time goes by so quickly. Time is what we all would love to have more of. And when your child looks back on her memories of you, she’ll value the time you gave her.

  40. What a joyful read. I will soon be moving to another state and will be nearer to some of my great grandchildren. Really looking forward to crafting with them.

    Love following Miss Baby’s progress.


  41. Love how you always have needed supplies and encourage her creativity so. I try to do the same with my little one but could definitely improve!

  42. I enjoy reading your blog and especially seeing your quilts. Miss Baby is doing well with your teaching.

  43. We, too, had a German dinner for Reformation day — yummy! My daughter researched it all and found us a period menu.

  44. Thank you for sharing some of the ways you involve your daughter in crafting. You have given me some ideas to use with my own grandchildren.

  45. I loved seeing some of her creations. I have boxes full of the ones my kidlets did and looking at each one always brings back memories of where they were at that age.

  46. Thanks for sharing her creations. I also have boxes full of artwork from my children, and they are now in their 20″s! It’s amazing how many art projects they remember making.

  47. It is lovely to be able to build those memories with your daughter. I love crafting with my girls too and am looking forward to teaching them to sew

  48. Creating with kids is always so much fun and very inspiring for the adult involved. Thanks for sharing and offering a giveaway.

  49. I loved creating with my kids,,and have twice the fun creating with my grandson. (One of his fave things to do right now is to ‘paint” in the paint program on the computer & have Nonna print it off!) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  50. My grandchildren also love the paint programs on my computer. They also love to sort through Grandma’s bin of scraps. My 8 yr old GD has used the machine to sew a few seams. So far her little brother’s goal is to dismantle it LOL There are a vast array of crafting supplies here (and yes, a spot of blue glitter glue on the carpet!) that they love to use. Great post, Wendy.

  51. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I want to try a new pre-cut called Jolly Bars from Fat Quarter Shop.
    Keep on teaching your daughter …the craft shall continue for decades and centuries:)

  52. This is such a sweet post! I am visiting your blog from Mary’s. I have three Miss Baby’s myself and a 4th Miss Baby on the way (poor daddy! He’s the only man around even our two cats are female). I chucked when I saw the birdhouse. Back by our play set is the “birdhouse neighborhood.” My kids have painted at least 20 of these over the past couple years. We spray them with shellac to make them last longer and some chickadees even nested in a couple this spring. Those birdhouses are such an entertaining project for little ones!

  53. You have so many great ideas there, I like passing on our passions to the next generation or the one after that.

  54. I loved to craft with my daughter and her friends when she was growing up. While my daughter did not end up being a crafter my granddaughter sure has taken it up. I am so happy.

  55. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s crafting progress. I was interested to see how you have deliberately used craft projects to introduce concepts such as relative size as well as craft techniques. Children explore their world by handling materials. Excellent.

  56. Wonderful post! So far I haven’t had much success in my attempts to pass my love of crafts to my daughter but I keep trying! :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  57. What a wonderful post. So many fun things. I love to sew with my grandkids, they are all excited to sew and I am happy teaching them. Thanks.

  58. So many lovely ideas to create a love of crafting and sewing in children – I make things with my grandchildren whenever I can.

    preferred contact – perry94022 at hotmail dot com

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