A Scandinavian Romance: Sneak Peak #1

Hello Dear Friends, I am still alive.  I have to say I am rather glad to leave the past week behind me.  In addition to my tight work deadlines last week, our little family fell sick, one after another!  It was not fun at all.  Nonetheless, I was reminded of God’s grace being sufficient for me, regardless of my outward circumstances.

I am glad that our new week has gotten off a rather positive start.  I want to wish you a Happy Fall!


If you have known me a while, you know I can’t quite resist using gray in my quilts… Click here for my gray thread.  I am working on another gray quilt with a bit of Scandinavian twist.


This quilt uses really cute fabrics.  I can’t wait to share about the quilt and the fabrics with you. :)

So, curious mind would like to know if you ever use gray in your quilts, and if you do, when the last time was you used gray in your quilts.

Thank you for stopping by.  I wish you a lovely week.

22 thoughts on “A Scandinavian Romance: Sneak Peak #1

  1. Love the sneak peak on your quilt. Such beautiful fabrics. And while I rarely think of using grey, this grey looks so beautiful with the other fabrics.

    So sorry to hear the Sheppard Family has been hit with illness. Not sure if it a back to school thing, or just the season, but there are so many weird illnesses going around I hope you all feel 100% very soon and do not get sick again. Shall I send a container of sani-wipes for Miss Baby to keep on her desk in school (and share with her teacher and fellow students)?


  2. I’m hoping you are all better soon! Starting this beautiful season not well is not fun. As for the grey, I seldom use it. But the last quilt I made had 2 shades of grey in it, and the one I need to finish is grey and lavender, baby size. I can’t wait to see this quilt! The fabrics look fun.

  3. Am working on a baby quilt now that has gray for the background of the applique blocks. {baseball theme} Did a quilt for my grand daughter in July with gray, pink and white. Hope you all are feeling better and stay healthy throughout this winter. Cute fabrics you are using!

  4. I think gray makes a great neutral with cool colors like teal and mauve so I use it a lot. Last year I made a quilt for our 30 year old daughter for Christmas, a nice gray and deep mauve quilt in a geometric pattern with bright pops of KONA color. She loves it.

  5. I just finished a top with gray sashing. Going on a retreat weekend and taking another one that has dark gray. These are my first quilts with gray fabric and I really like how they look with the gray.

  6. Actually, I got the color gray for this year’s quilt guild challenge. I am doing a paper pieced woodpecker with gray in it on a gray background. Gray seems to be the new white in quilts.

  7. I like gray. I prefer black. I have been purchasing grays of late, a plan for down the road. Awesome looking cake! Happy Fall.

  8. I love using grey in my quilts. Right now I’m using it in a scrap quilt that’s in progress. I have fabrics for a Buggy Barn quilt stacked up, the background of that quilt will be many different grey fabrics, a scrappy grey background. It will be beautiful. I also love using grey threads for quilting with my long arm machine. There’s a lot of variety in the grey threads, very subtle – slivery grey, smokey grey, lots of shades. Grey quilting threads look fantastic with burgundy and navy fabrics.

  9. Your creative pumpkin looks yummy enough to eat!! The colors of your new quilt are very pleasing. I, on the other hand, have a difficult time warming up to gray. I have included it in at least one of my quilts, but I generally use white or beige for my neutrals.

    I hope that you and your little family are all feeling well this week!!

  10. The pumpkin is beautiful, but it looks too pretty to eat.

    I love gray as a neutral color too. This one looks like it will be an interesting one.

    I hope everyone is feeling better again, Wendy. You didn’t need that.

  11. Don’t use gray in my quilts other than the occasional square/rectangle in a block unit. So glad your week is starting out nicely. Blessings, Karen A.

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  12. I’m currently working on a grey and pink quilt, and liking how it is turning out. Lots of different greys and pinks. I hope you are all feeling better.

  13. Oh, so sorry that everyone was sick! Hope you’re all back to normal now. That little pumpkin (cake?) is cute.

    I like some grays but not others – I don’t like yellowish grays but do like some that seem to have a little blue.

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