Hostess with the Mostess: Final Peek

Hello Dear Friends,  I hope you are doing well.   I had to re-arrange the priorities in my work list.   And after a rather circuitous route, I finally finished and shipped off Hostess with the Mostess.  You remember these fabrics I had shown you a couple of weeks ago (posted here)?


I will share with you in a Thread Talk post thoughts from my experience of quilting allover spineless feathers on the project.  Stay tuned. :)


Things are still a bit crazy, but I think I have been able to deal with my new schedule a bit better this week.

Curious and nosy mind wonders what your go-to dish is to elevate your hospitality status to “Hostess with the Mostess.”  I am interested in something that doesn’t take forever to make. :)

Thank you for stopping by!  I always appreciate your visits.  Later!


15 thoughts on “Hostess with the Mostess: Final Peek

  1. I always love your sneak peaks (thread talks too).

    Is your Hostess with the mostest a sit down dinner or appetizer type situation? For me, one of my favorite dinners that is easy to fix is Frogmore Soup. For appetizers I have some good recipes that have been enjoyed, but soon I want to try a new recipe I spotted for what looks like low cal and healthy – seasoned and baked garbanzo beans.


  2. Sneak peeks are fun!
    I like to take either marinated carrots or spoon bread to a pot luck, depending on the time of year. Broccoli salad with red onions and bacon is great too. Spoon bread is a mixture of cream corn, corn bread, sour cream, etc. baked in the oven. The latter is the fastest to make. If I don’t do those, I do a dessert. Oh so many good ones to choose from!

  3. I, too, am wondering what kind of a “party” are you needing a superb dish for. Comfort food, pot roast with potatoes and carrots is always yummy. My family really likes “Taco Joes” similar to a taco salad. Something chocolate is always number one for dessert. My daughter’s favorite for dessert is an Angelfood, cream cheese concoction.

    Anxious to hear about “spineless feathers.”

  4. I love having friends round but would rather do supper rather than dinner. I hate cooking ( love baking) For me it would be any one pot meal that I can cook slowly in the oven and serve straight fron said oven!

  5. Rosemary B here:…..
    I love these spineless feathers.
    This looks sweet.
    Food?…. Yeah, as if…
    WEGMANS their frozen stuffed shells are great, with some of their FROZEN boneless breast, sliced up and added later in the baking
    A nice salad, bread…. It is a big hit over here when the girls and their hubbies come for dinner. Young guys eat so much, lol
    For dessert, Wegmans Dutch chocolate cookies (packaged) with ice cream
    I just do not enjoy preparing meals anymore. I used to.
    It seems like time is going faster? Maybe it’s connected somehow to global warming :-P

  6. I love making Lasagna, this takes time but I make it the day before. Serve with Cesar salad. I also make an apple pie the day before. So on the day of dinner party I will prep shrimps for shrimp cocktail.. Set table and when guess arrive I am ready for a great evening. I alsways do most of the work the day before so I can enjoy my guests. Bunny

  7. If you’re lookin’ for a simple, colorful, and fun meal, I’ve served baked tortilla shells with a beef/bean mixture and lots of toppings to choose from. Tomatoes, lettuce/spinach, sour cream, olives, cheeses, etc… I’ve done the same for chicken salad…cooked up the chicken ahead of time and let the guest build their salads from an array of choices…mandarins, shredded coconut, almonds, craisins, tomatoes, lettuce/spinach, cheeses, etc… My guests always enjoy building/eating their own creations. For dessert…mini-molten chocolate cakes served with whip cream (or ice cream) and strawberries. Most of the prep for any of this can be done ahead of time, so you can enjoy each other’s company.

    Lookin’ forward to your thread talk, Wendy, as always!

  8. The very easiest and most impressive main course dinner for family or guests is a Moroccan Chicken Tagine. The house smells wonderful. You don’t need a tagine, any covered pot works. Just google a recipe and go for it. If you’re looking for an impressive appetizer, wrap a third of a piece of bacon around a halved apricot, skewer with a toothpick, and bake at 350 for about ten minutes or till you like the look of the bacon.

  9. Congrats on getting it done! We like easy to prepare meats like flank steak, lamb chops, steak and then add a starch and salad. Longer to make and delicious is Beef stroganoff. I also like to make things easy by using a $4.99 costco rotisserie chicken and elevate it to another dish like savory blintzes, or chicken tacos, or chicken pot pie…etc. Chicken salad…

  10. For dessert, I make packaged brownies. I place a square on a small plate and warm it. Then I top it with vanilla bean ice cream and homemade chocolate syrup. Easy, warm, chocolate – a winner!

  11. Interesting! I take it this will be a tabletop quilt?

    My usual go-to meal for company is what I call crock pot chicken and potatoes. I just cut up potatoes and carrots into the crock pot, sprinkle with salt, pepper, minced onion, and garlic powder, then a 1/2 cup water and a can of cream of chicken soup, then add boneless chicken, sprinkle with the same spices, and add another can of cream of chicken soup, and cook on high for 5 or so hours. When it’s done the chicken is soft and tender and shreds easily, and I usually take a spoon and stir and separate the chicken and mix it in with the potatoes, but occasionally I’ve removed the chicken and served it separately from the potatoes and carrots. If you want it more stew-like you can add a little more water. It has a great flavor. I love crock pot meals because that gets most of the main meal preparation done early in the day, so I am not running around trying to get a dish completed just before company comes. Plus with the crockpot there is a bit of wiggle room – it can usually stay in a bit longer if guests or other preparations are running late

  12. I, like one of the previous responders, do no longer cook much. My last guests got chili, cheddar bay biscuits, fruit salad and Gelato for dessert. They were happy. I used McCorrmicks chili mix, made it the day before,set the table the day before, so I’m not too tired on the day of.
    Love the fabric, I see placemats in my future.

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