Awwww Alert #2

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a good week!  I simply cannot believe how fast this week has gone by.   I feel like I have just been running around and around and around… and here I am, and the weekend is already upon us.   I had shown you these awwww-worthy cutie booties a while back, made by my sister.


Well, my sister strikes again!!!!  Look at her latest finished projects – a pair of twin bunnies to bless her friend who just had twin baby girls.


How about a closeup?


What do you think these adorable bunnies?

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely and blessed weekend.  I hope to take pictures of a few featured projects that just became official and share them with you next week.  Take care, and I shall catch up with you later.

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11 thoughts on “Awwww Alert #2

  1. Those are adorable. She does such a perfect job and those will make a wonderful gift.

    Every week seems to zip past anymore. I’m certain they must be shorting us on hours in the days. ;-)

  2. Just love the bunnies and would love to make them for my adopted great-granddaughter but I cannot crochet. Does anyone know where I could find a similar knitting pattern??

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