Help me pick a favorite?

Hello Friends, dear reader H.  offered to superimpose my husband’s quilty deep thought onto my quilt images.  THANKS, H!








1438_quilters a

So, would you help me pick a favorite?  Please leave your favorite in the comment section.    I tried embedding a poll – unsuccessfully (Grr!). Thanks so much.

I have GOT to run for now.  It is close to 10pm my time, and I can honestly say I haven’t done a thing work-related today, and I have to get something checked off my list before I drag myself to bed tonight.

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends!  I shall see you again tomorrow.


147 thoughts on “Help me pick a favorite?

  1. Definitely #1. The wording is so much easier to read with the green behind it, plus it doesn’t detract from the quilt. #2 appears that the wording and quilt are fighting for attention and #3 I think the font over powers the quilt too much.

    Gorgeous quilt as well!

  2. #1. I like the look but I also like that is not in all caps. I think it would help a little if the letters were outlined in a thin line with a color to go with the photo, perhaps a green on the dark side. It will make the letters easier to read. I had my husband try it on his Power Point slides when he was using words on top of an image. Now he always does this.

  3. #1 is my favorite because it is easiest to read and shows off the quilt the best. I picked my favorite before reading the others.

  4. I like 1 the best two…the quilt isn’t competing with the font and vice versa. Easier to read and the colors in the quilt pop more and you can appreciate the design better!

  5. MY FAVOURITE: The top one #1 with rounded letters. The design looks to be very balanced on the page. The first thing I saw was your quilt and lettering. I even commented that – oh nice photo – not realizing there was a vote. Contrast is GREAT and you can read EVERYTHING. It is a timeless photo.

    The second one, #2, has TOO MUCH WHITE – and I wasn’t “WOWED” with the quilt, because it isn’t the first thing I saw – the fence was.

    The third one, #3, I don’t enjoy the angular script. I find it fights with the angles in the quilt.

    All 3 could work but MY favourite is #1.

    Happy Quilting! Heather

  6. Number 1; it shows the most of the quilt, and there is good contrast between the white lettering and the greenery. But you could consider changing the font to something more playful and modern.

  7. I am in agreement with most of your readers, I, too, like #1. The profound text is visible as well as the gorgeous quilt. Great idea!! I hope that you didn’t stay up too late last evening (or morning). Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I prefer the first one.I can read plain font best and the words are in white on dark background. The other two are harder for me to read–letters on mixed background and fancy font.
    Love the quilt

  9. #1 I do a lot of print on pictures ( graphic arts for web sites.) you need to have a negative space for the font or soften the image to make the font readable. You have white font on a quilt with a lot of white – it doesn’t work well. The first is the best because the font is readable and the quilt displays nicely. Try a couple other things. If you can Photoshop, select the green area on the left and darken it. Also move the URL to the left so it shows better. or add more greenery to the bottom of the photo, darken it and move the text down. very nice displays of the quilt. If you can’t send me the photo without font and the name of the font an I will show you.

  10. I like #1 best. The lettering doesn’t overpower the quilt. And I think the woodsy background enhances the quilt and makes it pop. I’m not a graphic artist; #1 just seems pleasing to my eye.

  11. I like #1 best. On #2 & #3, I would play with a black outline or “glow” on the lettering so that the words don’t fade into the pic quite so much.

  12. My vote is for #3. The contrast is better and highlights the quilt. The background is background and provides contrast for the words. Although the whole quilt is not shown, the blocks are easier to see.

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