Sunny Delight: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a lovely day!  I am happy to see a happy quilt shipped out – Sunny Delight!  This quilt has so much white mixed in that it took me forever (or it seemed like) to quilt all the extra quilty happiness on the quilt.  But here is a sneak peek — you can see I opted the informal look for the quilting.  Quilting this quilt has been a learning experience for me.  And I have more to learn for sure.


You probably noticed the fabrics are Benartex’s Luv Bugs fabrics.  More about the fabrics here in yesterday’s post.

Meanwhile, it’s back to school at the Ivory Spring household.  Miss Baby gets to eat lunch at her school cafeteria on some days this year — and she thinks she has arrived, and that being able to eat lunch at the cafeteria is the best thing ever since mechanically sliced bread!!!  It’s always fun to see the world through the years of my five year old.


She also wrote the following note to her new teacher.

[In case you need translating — Dear Mrs. Bischoff, I can’t wait!  I saw your card.  I glad there will be more girls than boys.  I hope you will be very nice.  Love, Gwen.]


Alrightie – Dear Friends, I have to fly for now.  I just realized my next quilt is a bit more complicated than I had expected.  And I am under the gun to get it completed.  So, you won’t be hearing from me email-wise…. you all take care. Till next time.

10 thoughts on “Sunny Delight: Sneak Peek

  1. She is so sweet. Hope you keep that for her future. I have a lot of things my granddaughter, 7 1/2, has done here at my house for her scrapbook some day. And millions of pictures. Love the colors in that quilt, so bright!

  2. I can’t imagine that you have anything to learn when it comes to quilting. Your work is always so beautiful.

    I love that Miss Baby is so excited about the cafeteria. That is hysterical! It will be a fun year for her – so much to learn!!!

  3. Looks like a very happy quilt. Wonderful fabrics and awesome quilting.

    Glad that Miss Baby is having a good time at school. It is always interesting to see what makes an impression on young minds…… Happy school year to the Ivory Spring household.

  4. School Cafeteria food!! Brings back memories! My favorite thing was the red velvet cake. Hope Miss Baby has a great school year!

    Another great quilt, Wendy!

  5. Wendy, that note is precious! I am so glad you shared it with us as it made my day.

    Hope you are well. I am sticking my toe back into the blog waters and am going to see how my hand holds up to the typing. So far. So good. :-)

    Sending you hugs.



    (PS… See if Gwen likes my octopus bowls!)

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