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Hello Friends,  I found out last week the magazines The Quilter and Quilt Trends are no longer, effectively immediately,  because the company All American Crafts is no longer.  My Song of Praise pillow was featured in the last issue of The Quilter magazine.  The Quilter has featured many of my designs.  I am sad to see it go.


I can’t help but wonder what has gone on.  I received word that another quilting publication is going under as well.  What are your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by – I do apologize for this rather discouraging post, but things are the way they are.   Nonetheless, my hope and prayer is that I will continue to be used to be an encouragement to you all, my Dear Friends!

41 thoughts on “No longer…

  1. Are they converting to digital or just gone like BYE? I think that money is a lot tighter that we think. I know I am feeling the pinch on retirement. The meat that is being sold is really lousy and it may be two years before new cattle replaces what has been sold off. The expense is terrific. We’ll see what this new world order is going to shape out and become. Pretty sad.

  2. How sad. A number of my friends have discontinued their magazine subscriptions due to the cost of shipping for magazines that are shipped from the US. Even with digital subscriptions the cost can still be significant. Thank goodness for blogs such as yours to share your expertise.

  3. Rosemary B here:
    Yes I have both of the last issues. This is sad news.
    I guess the bigger publications win out…. ? I really do not know.
    That is just a guess.
    Very disappointing news.
    I am happy to have this issue with your pillow.

  4. I think there is so much available online anymore that magazines just aren’t as much in demand as they used to be. Sad to see the magazines go though. I still liked to get them, just as an impulse buy though. I don’t subscribe to any. I’ve bought quite a few magazines just because they had your patterns in them.

  5. I really hate to see this happen, Wendy. Quilter was one of my favorites. I always love taking a relaxing bath with my quilting magazines. What will we do when they are all gone? What other one have you heard bad news about? I’d hate to renew my subscription if it is one that is going to close.

  6. Hi, Wendy: I’m shocked to hear the news because I have one more year to go on my Quilter subscription. I personally have not heard the news. The magazine itself hasn’t informed its subscribers. Very sad news. Maybe in the end there will only be a few magazines from big companies left, like Fons and Porter, McCalls, and APQ.

  7. So sad….a sign of our times. You have always been an inspiration to me. So many quilt shops are closing also. The internet is fine, but as stated I still like a hard copy in my hands. oh well……

  8. I think that as more and more things become more easy available online the printed publications are starting to struggle…. even newspapers….I think we will be seeing more available online publications and less printed.

  9. Around here, there are several large retail/farm stores (that carried a “ton” of magazines….great variety of quilting themed) closing out their mag. racks …… ALL magazines! I couldn’t find out if it’s lagging sales or too much $$$$ in that inventory for the sales generated. This was a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve noticed other stores cutting back on their selections. However….the racks at places like Barnes & Noble are crazy full of quilting mags….many are titles that are “new” but are “specialty”/themed and put out by existing companies. The other “new” thing are what’s called “book-azines”. BIG magazines that retail for $14.99!!!!! Too much $$$ and not much “new”…..more like “same old” re-packaged….ugh!!!

  10. Oh Wendy… I’m so sorry this is affecting you and your wonderful work. It’s a sign of struggling times for so many people. Us older gals might have tons of magazines (I do) that we can refer to and the younger crowd just can’t afford them. They have an awful lot of advertising in them and sometimes not a lot of content for the cost of one single magazine. Using a Joann’s coupon which cannot be used on magazines any longer, a book is often a better buy than a magazine. Also, every fabric manufacturer, Moda, et al, has tons of free patterns on their websites. I think this is ‘finance friendly’ to the younger gals. I understand Quilt Life, the Alex Anderson/Ricky Tims collaboration is also ceasing publication. Then we have the new magazine by Missouri Star, full of content and no advertising. It seems to be very popular.
    I remember from long ago.. my favorite quilt magazine was Stitch N Sew. I still have them all! :-)

  11. Wendy, I know how disappointed you must be. It is true that A Quilt Life is no longer going to be printed, I got my notice in the mail last week. I am hoping that the magazines no longer being printed will make way for new ones. I guess I am a person who has problem with this kind of change. I am thankful we have your blog!

  12. The Quilt Life is also not going to be printed any longer…effective I have received my last issue. My guess is lack of readers and subscription renewals….lots to get from the internet…I still like my magazines in my hand.

  13. I am so sad! I did receive notice last week that the Quilt Life was stopping. I can’t help but think there may be more to the story now that The Quilter is stopping too. I will definitely feel the loss.

  14. I sure wish I knew why the magazines couldn’t pull through Wendy — maybe access to so many free patterns and tutorials online ? Maybe the cost of publishing ? Maybe the declining economy (although not everyone sees it that way). I am so sorry that this outlet for your creativity is closing — but do know that when one door closes, another opens ;) I’m always thankful for your sharing, experienced and considerate ways – where would I be without you ? Hugs my friend. Karen

  15. I have stacks for Quilting Mags was planning to toss them,,, guess I will hang on to them now, like the comic books, may be worth something one day.
    Sad times

  16. I have stacks of quilting mags, was going to toss them, but maybe should hand on to them now, like comic books, they may be work something one day.
    Sad times,

  17. I have subscriptions to several quilting magazines; I keep nearly all of mine. If not, I donate them to our guild library. There’s only so much time of my day that I spend online; but when I sit down at lunch, I always like to look through my latest “real” quilting magazine. I’m sure you will be picked up by other magazines Wendy…the cream rises to the top, and you are the cream of the crop in my book! Hugs and much love!

  18. Sad news Wendy. I love magazines and I used to buy them by the dozens, but that was before they were $9 to $14.00 a pop. The value is probably there, but when you don’t have the money to spend, some of your favorite things have to go. And there is a wealth of info online that is free. So for a tight budget…..Mary

  19. WOW! That is sad news. I must admit that i did not have subscriptions to either of these, but I did pick up Quilt Trends whenever it was on the shelf in my neck of the woods. Same with The Quilt Life Magazine… just got that email this morning – I am really sad to see that one go too!

    Do you remember Quilters Home magazine? I think I still have every copy i bought of that one – that was one magazine that would get read from cover to cover – I adored it! But, i guess, things change, and I will hope that something even better will come about.

    Does this mean we may see more that one of your quilts in a magazine at one time Wendy? Thank you for the update. Keep creating Wendy – you are an inspiration to us… not just with your creative talents, but with just being you and sharing the little moments in life that many of us take for granted! Love to you all :)

  20. So sad, but I guess the easy availability of quilting information and patterns on the internet has contributed. You will always be an inspiration to us – on many levels.

  21. I used to love two now-defunct quilt magazines called Quilt, and its sister, Country Quilts. They had patterns yes, but I loved the traditional quilts in old-fashioned settings in the photos, and the stories about real (not celebrity) quilters. Then in the late 90s they changed and began featuring patterns but mostly modern, and no homey, quaint articles about the quilters. Just like all the other mags out there. Why buy an expensive magazine when the patterns are available online? I will not renew my 2 subscriptions to quilt mags when they expire, because they are too modern (read “cold”), expensive, and boring.

  22. I’ve appreciated the design work you have been doing over the years, Wendy. It is sad that one outlet for publication of your work will no longer be available. I was notified that “The Quilt Life” magazine, published by AQS and featuring Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims is also going out of publication after the October issue. All I can figure out is that the quilt market, which had been growing by leaps and bounds for so many years, is now feeling the effects of the recession. Lots of people have less disposable income, and something has to go.

  23. I’m afraid this will be the wave of the future at least for Print. The magazines that offer digital versions may fare better. I have to admit there is a pattern I really want right now but because it is not offered digitally, na, I’ll pass. There are too many patterns I can buy now and download, um, now. Being part of the problem as I don’t do paper anymore. If it’s not digital I don’t buy it.

  24. I think it’s possible that we just have too many quilt magazines available, right now, but it’s still sad to see them go.

  25. Wow – The Quilter was always a little different and had such inspirational projects. I really hate to see it go! Especially since it means fewer magazines to carry your creations. I am out and about today and I will look for that last issue – I really love your Song of Praise pillow :)

  26. Perhaps there are simply too many publications. Hard to believe I know-but perhaps. I have a very hard time keeping up with all the publications.

  27. I no longer subscribe to any magazine for more than one year, even well known ones, due to the likelihood of it being discontinued. I hope current subscribers are reimbursed, not shuffled to another magazine.

  28. That’s sad. I guess that means the pattern is no longer available? I kept thinking I was going to check to see if it was available locally before ordering the issue online.

  29. This is the 3rd magazine that I subscribed to and within a few months they stop publishing. I think $75.00 for 6 magazines is a bit pricey. Next issue is the last for Quilt Life also. I believe I am going to start buying mine straight instead of subscribing even tho I did like the digital copies.

  30. I subscribed to this magazine just for your pillow pattern!! I was wondering what the delay was in receiving it because they assured me back in July that my subscription would start with the August/September issue!! I subscribed by phone and charged it. They weren’t ashamed to bill my credit card statement for the cost! I just emailed All American Crafts per their automated phone suggestion and am waiting to hear back. I know I can call and have the charge reversed. But I’m quite disappointed I will not have instructions for your pillow. And I know there was another quilt in that magazine that I was hoping for but I can’t remember what blog I was reading about it. I am bummed!!

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