Plain & Fancy BOM: Block 2 Done!

In my line of work, I often move from turning in one project to working on the next project that has to be turned in.  I had a very brief down time over the weekend where I was able to work on my Plain & Fancy BOM quilt last Friday night!

BOM_Alternate_High Res

This is Block 1 from a while back.  Click here to read more about Block 1.


And here is Block 2.


Pretty much, I used the same tricks as I did for making Block 1.  The tricks were described in my Block 1 post.



Even though I have felt like a loser for not being able to keep up with my BOM, it is nonetheless a great feeling being able to get another block finished for the quilt! It’s back to work-related quilting stuff for me!

If you are working on Plain & Fancy, I hope you have enjoyed the journey!  If you have yet to join in the fun, click here for a list of shops that are carrying the project, or you can see if Fons & Porter has filled up their spots for online signup here.

Thank you for stopping by!  Happy Monday, and Happy Week!

10 thoughts on “Plain & Fancy BOM: Block 2 Done!

  1. I wouldn’t even attempt to sign up. I am really having a rough summer and I would like to nail my door closed in and out for the entire winter. I want to get more accomplished and by the time I now get daily chores done, I’m exhausted and totally tired of fighting arthritis. I get one fixed and another one bites the dust. It hurts so much to walk and wiggle my fingers. I want to quilt and be happy!

    • Ahh Peg, I hear what you’re saying about arthritis pain. I, too, suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Hang in there and hopefully it will ease up so you can enjoy a little sewing from time to time.

  2. Wendy, VERY pretty! That’s one of the reasons I decided to do this BOM, because I HAD sworn off BOM’s until I got a few more UFO’s done! Anyway I did block one, used your tips and tricks. I showed the block to a group of my friends that get together once a month, and one of the comments…”oh Mary, your accuracy has improved so much!” Yea! The points meet, it’s square and I LOVE it! Still need to do block two. Are you going to wait to do the sashing blocks after you’ve done all the blocks? I was going to do that packet next. But I may wait to see if you have any tips and tricks!


  3. You’ve caught up to me. I just cut Block 3 fabrics and now I’m ready to assemble it. I love the fabric. It’s so much fun. I’m doing the 16 spinners instead of the applique, and those are complete. Just moving right along! Thanks for all the tips. The quilt police stopped by my house the other day and were impressed with how good my blocks look :) (((hugs))) to you and Miss Baby!

  4. Oh my, I love everything about your Plain and Fancy Quilt. Beautifully done. Sew nice that you had some down time and were able to complete a second block. Mine is all neat and tidy, still in the package……..hopefully, one of these days……..

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