Crafting with Kids: Project #1

It was during my 4 day marathon getting Path of Glory finished that Miss Baby decided to finish up with her stitching primer sampler! I didn’t even employ any stalling tactic because I know a 5 year old just wouldn’t understand the concept of wait when trying to finish up her first stitching project!  


Upon the completion of her stitching, I gave Miss Baby 7 fabrics to choose for a pillow schematic I drew out…


Upon decisions made, Miss Baby and I had a “big meeting” (her exact words) about what fabrics were going to go where.   Honestly, I had tried to dissuade her from picking the pink, but am glad she did because I think pink gave a nice contrast in the overall look.

While she was asleep, the sewing elf (aka Mom) whipped up the pillowcase for her to stuff with stuffing the following day.  Ideally, I would have just used a pillow form, but stuffing with stuffing was infinitely more fun for a 5 year old.


If you are interested to try this out with certain special 5 year olds in your life…

1.  The cross stitch is 11-count Aida needlework fabric.  I couldn’t find a fabric with lower count in my local craft store.

2.  Miss Baby used Perle cotton for the stitching.  I thought having to deal the stranded cotton embroidery floss was a bit much for a first real project.

3.  Finish the pillowcase by sewing strips of fabrics from your stash around the stitched piece to the size of your choice— and you will be the heroine of the day in the eyes of that certain 5 year old!!

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends!  I hope you have had a lovely week thus far.  Hugs to you all.

24 thoughts on “Crafting with Kids: Project #1

  1. She did a wonderful job. I’m sure she takes after Mom. I love that you had a “big meeting” to discuss it. She’ll treasure this memory with you. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh, how wonderful! She clearly has inherited some stitchery genes from you! The pillow is just delightful! And I agree with Maryellen – she will treasure this memory, as will you!

  3. A stitching project beautifully completed by Miss Baby and “the elf.” A wonderful keepsake and great memories for all of you. Miss Baby is definitely following in your footsteps, Wendy.

    Do you have any extra cookies? I bet that you both had a fun day in the kitchen today!!

  4. WOW! Miss Baby did a beautiful job! Goodness, my first project (about Miss Baby’s age) was a cup and saucer drawn on rice bag by my mom. My first embroidery stitches! It was a dish drying cloth. Congratulations, Miss Baby!

  5. Congratulate Miss Baby for a job well done. Her color selection sets off the cross stitching. The elf did a great job with the border geometric.
    A project to be cherished. Did you get her to sign and date the back of the pillow? Or a label? No guesswork in later years!!!

  6. This is wonderful! I have two grandsons who are ver interested in “sewing with Grandma” when I’m doing cross stitch. This looks like a perfect project for the future. Thanks for the tips.

  7. What a cute project. My daughter just turned 7 and I love seeing her working on a project. I have to give a big thumbs up to the American Girl sewing craft kits (I get them at Joann or Meijer) – we had trouble with some other kits that were poorly made or assembled and led to a lot of frustration and lack of interest. When I happened to pick up one of these, it was wonderful – all of the pieces, good/clear directions, quality materials. It’s a good way to start to see the concept of a running stitch and the idea that it never wraps around the outside edge. Just my two cents, but finding those kits has been a big deal in terms of keeping her interested!

  8. That pillow is adorable. I bet she is beaming with pride that it is her creation. Looks like it would make a great doll creation.

  9. I can just imagine her excitement upon learning the elf had visited. She did an awesome job on her first project.

    You two are going to enjoy many happy sewing times together.

  10. Very sweet and I’m sure she was thrilled. Those sewing elves are very important. This winter I’m going to introduce Sunshine to the joys of cross stitching.

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