In the presence of quilters…

I will be spending most of my day with quilters from Mount Vernon Quilt Guild working on this… ought to be fun.  I am looking forward to it.



How about you?  What are you doing today?  I hope you have a most lovely day!  Till tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “In the presence of quilters…

  1. No sewing when 7 yr old g/dau is here but love spending time with her. Good helper. Making sweet relish and canning a few green beans. She helped snap them too.

  2. Looks like a fun project. Lots of different quilting in this one. Have a great day, Lucky members of the Mount Vernon Quilt Guild.

  3. I love the days I get to spend with my quilting friends! I’m heading out to check on the progress of our Guild Raffle Quilt, then to my Tuesday bee; oh, and lunch with my daughter-in-love and her mom. No sewing…I will be pulling off freezer paper and burying threads on my Flower Pots quilt! Some days, mindless activity is just what you need! Loving that gray in your quilt!!

  4. Happy Tuesday Wendy. Have fun with your friends in MV. That will be a good time with quilty friends. I love the color of this quilt and the simple blocks I can see. I love simple looks haha
    I will go to the gym in a while, then come home, and later go to the ‘rents. Maybe help them pack up some stuff at their apartment, and take out some things that belong to me that they do not need at their new place.
    It is going to be down right chilly today haha 71º I hear

  5. Wendy, your quilting makes simple exquisite! I’ll be working at my day job today, thinking about a design for a baby quilt I need to get going on.

  6. Wow!! Beautiful quilting!! I finally signed up for your FMQ class!! Loved it! You are an awesome teacher!! Thank you for sharing your gift!!

  7. This was a “play” day for me. Went to a local house and garden walk. Got lots of ideas. In one of the homes every bed had a beautiful handmade quilt! Nice surprise, but the “guides” did not know where the quilts came from. We are enjoying unseasonably cool weather for this time of year!!

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