Awwwwww ALERT!

Did you go awwwww seeing these cutie booties?!  What do you think?


No, it is not an encrypted message indicating Miss Baby will be having a sibling. Mom here is a tad old for that to happen!  The reason I am sharing these cutie booties with you is because my sister had made these cuties for a friend of hers.  I asked if I could share the pictures with you, and she said yes.   While there’s not a sibling for Miss Baby is sight, seeing these booties does make me wish Miss Baby to be that tiny and baby-ish again!

Besides quilts, do you make anything else to bless a new life?

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely day!!



21 thoughts on “Awwwwww ALERT!

  1. Oh how cute. Wishful thinking to have a little one who can actually enjoy wearing such stylish shoes. I bet that they would make great slippers for big people. I like to make hooded towels for the babies in my life. I use the embroidery function on my sewing machine along with the decorative stitches for embellishment. I usually personalize them with the recipient’s name. I estimate that I have made 50+ for grandchildren and friends over the years.

  2. Wendy, your sister is clearly as talented and creative as you are! Seriously cute and stylish bootees. I like to make crocheted or knitted softies for newborn bugs. I love creating animals with cuddly bodies and long arms or legs for little fingers to grasp – or am I actually making them for myself? :-))

  3. A double AWWWWWW….. do you know what pattern your sister used? My middle daughter is expecting and I’m kind of hoping for a little girl to go with my other two grandsons (2 1/2 and 1 1/2). Also, Wendy…I married my husband at 19, had my first at 29, my second at 30 and my third at 37…so you’re not too old! We were married 10 years before the first one came along is why I got such a late start.

  4. I love these bootees. I knit tiny bonnets for the Premature baby unit at a local hospital-they are so small I can get lots out of one ball of wool. I have recently started knitting baby jumpers/sweaters to go to Africa for the “Fish and Chip” babies. The babies are often sent home wrapped in paper as that is all they have-so someone in the UK started these and lots of people have been knitting.

  5. The booties are too adorable! Great work and the buttons really make them shine. Each of my grandchildren receive thier own custom quilt to carry them through to schoolage. And each baby is blessed on their Baptism day with a big party. And a special-made cake all in white.

  6. Those are precious! I have a new grand daughter and have been bugging a friend to make her some cuties similar to those. Hope I get them before she grows up! lol {I think Miss baby would be a wonderful big sister.}

  7. Awww is right! Those are so cute!!! Babies need mobiles, stuffed animals, mommy needs lotion and bath salts for herself to feel special! Diaper bags, wall hangings, diaper holder to hang. Ring any bells???

    Love you! You are so clever!!!

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