Winners: McCall’s Quilting July/August 2014 Magazine Issues

Happy Monday, Friends!   I hope you have had a great weekend!  I want to thank you for entering my giveaway (courtesy of McCall’s Quilting) of McCall’s Quilting July/August 2014 issues two Fridays ago.


I used a random number generator (, and drew the following two winners.  Ladies, I will email you so that you can email me back with your mailing address so that I can have the magazines sent to you!  Congrats!






Things are really happening at Ivory Spring with summer holiday being in full swing -with work and summer activities with my little family.

I didn’t know just how embarrassingly city-slickish my family is until we went to pick strawberries at a nearby farm over the weekend.   Miss Baby ooohed and aaahed at the scenery driving up to the farm, and was musing in the backseat how she wished she lived on a farm — she would just work the farm with my husband, and all I need to do is to cook.  And guess what she did when it came time to actually “work the farm” and pick the strawberries?  She didn’t want to get her hands dirty!!!  Seriously!!??

What we brought home

And I didn’t know just how many we had picked until we got home — I have been frantically looking for strawberry recipes to use the berries up before they go bad.  I made some no-cook freezer jam this afternoon… and I think I am going to try to make a strawberry cake tomorrow.  I have a lot of strawberries to use up!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have had a great start to your week.  Do come back tomorrow for another free-to-use pattern!!  Hugs to you all.

13 thoughts on “Winners: McCall’s Quilting July/August 2014 Magazine Issues

  1. Love baby not wanting to get her hands dirty. Too funny. Wish we had a place here in Arkansas
    to pick strawberries. I would love to make some freezer jam for my sons.

  2. What a cute story. Can I hug her?? Lol. Wasn’t she the one who painted her hands not too long ago?? There are tons of good recipes online for strawberry muffins, strawberry and cream scones, and you could always make ice cream. The muffins and scones can be frozen, too. They taste just as good, warmed in the toaster oven. Have fun!

  3. Strawberries freeze very well. Wash them, remove the green top and core, dry well. Freeze in a single layer on a cookie sheet. When frozen, put into zipper freezer bags. Whenever you want some berries, take out just what you need. Frozen berries are great in smoothies.

    Too funny that Miss Baby did not want to get her hands dirty. Kids!

  4. Great strawberry story about Miss Baby. It must be added to the memory book. It is a reminder of my oldest granddaughter, who is almost 13. Her family is a “sports” family. However, she would not participate because she did not want to get “sweaty.” She now runs cross-country and track for her local middle school. How times change.

  5. Rosemary B here:
    I have an insanely yummy recipe for strawberry cake… but it is a big three layer cake and involves strawberry jello as well…
    Strawberry pie… I have made that with a Dutch peach pie recipe, very rich
    SO GLAD Miss Baby snapped to her senses. Could you imagine? all of that cooking you would be doing…..
    Just kidding
    I have the magazine on my shopping list. I hope Wegnams has it, or I can check Safeway when I take my parents this afternoon.

    Congratulations to the winners! This is such a great quilt.
    I am slowly finishing my projects between care taking the twins (91 year olds)
    Your quilts always give me good ideas for colors — the sashing for example.
    Have a wonderful day Wendy. It is so hot out again. I do not like summer, so I just run from one A/C place to the next.

  6. Congratulations to the winners!

    Look at those gorgeous berries! I’ll bet they are as tasty as they are pretty. Did Miss Baby finally get into the picking of them or did she stay clean? I watch the strawberry pickers working in the fields here and always wonder how they can manage to stand up after a whole day of bending over like that.

  7. Hi! Just freeze in zip lock bags, by 1, 2 or 4 cup packs, easy to grab for any recipe, including homemade sauce/syrup on pancakes or waffles! I like to have the 4 cup bags ready to mix with rhubarb in the winter for a quick crisp!
    Take care, Leslie

  8. Cute story… If you the little one in front of a horse maybe she’ll change her mind about gettin dirty? Hope the jams and cakes turned out yummy!

  9. Smiling at Miss Baby – did she ever try? Maybe some day. About the only things we do with strawberries is make strawberry shortcake once or twice a year and have them fresh with a little sugar with breakfast. I’ve heard you can freeze them to use in smoothies in place of ice but I have never tried that.

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