Hello Friends, it’s lovely to have you visit again!  This is another overdue post of an editorial feature that has been official for a couple of months… but I am glad I am finally getting to it, and it is the last one in my pile of overdue posts.  Meet Stardom that is featured in Annie’s book Row Quilts – Longitudes & Latitudes.   The book is available for purchase here.


[image source: Annie’s]


Stardom  is a music themed quilt that features different variations of the sawtooth star blocks.

Design 3a_51 x 69

Isn’t the Sawtooth Star one of the most fun blocks, ever?




Stardom uses fabrics from Benartex’s Concerto fabrics!  These fabrics are MUST HAVES for music lovers!  Click here to view what this fabric range has to offer.


I used the “Composer’s Ombre Gold” swatch in the border — I love love love this swatch!


I pieced and quilted the quilt with Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton threads – no surprise there, right?!  Batting is Hobbs‘ Tuscany silk batt.  I have talked about my choices of thread and batting here, and here.




My Miss Baby had another milestone over last weekend.  The little Miss had her first recital!


I was thoroughly stressed out over it, but not Miss Baby.  She did fine.  It seems a bit silly now thinking about just how stressed I was.


So, I would love to hear any recital stories you might have – and tips too if you care to share!    Also, I would love to hear if you have ever made a musical quilt.


Thank you again for stopping by!  I hope you have liked Stardom.  I shall catch up with you later, after I catch up on a bit of rest!


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15 thoughts on “Stardom in Annie’s ROW QUILTS, LONGITUDES & LATITUDES

  1. Recitals…….oooooo… touched some painful memories!!! 2 pianos w/ 2 of us on each!!!! I was around 8 or 9 yrs old. I was told it came off well but not all of us had practiced/rehearsed well (I could play the piece in a coma!!!!). I can still picture this night!!! I have done 2 table toppers with music/piano themes. They reside on my piano bench and coffee table in the piano room.
    Your star quilt just sparkles w/o the metallics……the chosen colors are awesome!!! Love the “curly swirls”!!!!!! Hugs to all……..SSAB

  2. Rosemary B here
    I love this quilt. I want to make everything you create!
    I spent/totally wasted two hours gathering old emails to send to my dad
    about some silly snit my brother snagged me into 😕
    And removed some stitching I was not sates field with the placement
    One day…
    I have three funny recital stories:
    Christina was the violinist. She was very very good and always confident.
    She decided to play a Rieding piece for her class Talent Show at school, no one knew the music it was just dopey public school. She misplaced the music!
    She she just went up there and made up something… Most of the song she remembered but the middle part was interesting. Lizzie and I looked at each other a little puzzled, but she finished big… Hilarious
    Another violin recital, she had her very first case of nerves, she was 16.
    Her enter piece of Vivaldi sounded heavily vibrato. I wanted to laugh loudly but I didn’t.
    Now, Lizzie was the piano girl.
    She was 6 and very good (she played Mozart at age 4)
    She played some Clementi piece and lost her place at some point. In the chair, she turned to the audience (in her velvet dress and big fat bow in her hair) and exclaimed “sorry” then finished her piece.
    Congratulations to sweet Miss Baby
    Theses are days to remember

  3. Yes, I’ve made a music quilt. Several years ago for a friend’s first grandson. It was black, white and red. No recital stories here. Did you make her dress with the smocking on it?

  4. What a gorgeous quilt. I’ve been trying to decide if I might want to buy some musical fabric recently. I’ve seen more and more lately and I have a good friend who is getting married. She is a music teacher and lives for music and the kids she teaches. She’s awesome and spends many hours on her own doing a lot of things with her students and using her own money too many times. She’s moved to another state now, but where she worked before she had a lot of at risk type students and she was always encouraging them and would take them to their recitals and even to different music events. I know she would just love a quilt like yours. That is gorgeous.

    I had many recitals which were very small and only included those other children my piano teacher also taught. She did not have a lot of students and taught in her own home, but I was raised in a very small town so there weren’t many there other than a small number of family members of each student. It was so long ago, I don’t even remember too much although I was not the nervous type, especially on the piano. Now, while playing flute from the first time in school they would allow a student to join band I loved it and the only thing I can ever recall being nervous about was during the weekly chair tryouts. My best friend also played flute and we were both very competitive with she or I being consistently the first or second chair of the flute section. There was one girl that I was not fond of for other reasons and she started doing all she could to knock me out of either 1st or 2nd chair. Those are the only times I was nervous that I can recall.

    Good for Miss Baby not being nervous. That’s a good thing since it means she’s got the confidence in herself that one needs to continue growing with her music. I wonder now if my Mom was like you during the piano or flute events.

  5. That is really pretty, Wendy. I was thinking of Miss Baby when I saw the fabrics you used. You did such a great job with the colors in that quilt and your photos of it are stunning too.

    I know that Miss Baby did a great job. I’m certain she was a lot less stressed than you were! We’ve sat through many of those between the children and grandchildren so I know what you mean.

  6. Congrats on Miss Baby’s first recital. I have played and orchestrated many recitals. My piano teacher had a recital every spring for her students. My violin teacher did not, which is a shame. I didn’t play on a recital with my violin until I was in college. For the most part they were fun, the awkward part was the bow. (as in Owl)

    I have made several musical quilts. The first was for my nephew who plays guitar. is a link to the picture. Then I did one for my conductor when he retired from one of his symphonies. It was a wallhanging that used his first and last program as the blocks. I do not have a picture.

    The last one I did was for the same conductor when he retired from his 2nd symphony. The back has words from the orchestra members. The front is a melon block pattern using music themed fabric.

    The links are to photos on my FB page. They are public, so anyone should be able to see.

    My advice to you as a parent, from my experience as a violin teacher, try not to let your nerves spill over to your daughter and always find ways to praise her playing.


  7. I love this quilt. The design and fabric selections really add movement to this music quilt, wonderful.
    So glad little Miss had a good recital. Performing is a great experience for kids.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  8. Wow, I am amazed that Miss Baby is old enough to have recitals! I was always as nervous as my kids (or more so) when they had recitals (piano). I’m not sure why. Just life, I guess. :)

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