Autumn Sky: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, the last couple of days have been busy.  I worked hard to push through a few things.  Autumn Sky is now on its way to the editor.  I am experimenting with quilting with straight lines.  Honestly, I find quilting straight lines MORE difficult than free-motion quilting.  I am exploring a few visual effects in straight line quilting.  I still have much to learn- don’t you just love all the learning opportunities in quilting?

Anyway, here is a sneak peek of Autumn Sky:


The fabrics might look familiar to you… yeap, you are right, the fabrics you see are some of the fabrics you see in my Bird Watching quilt.  You still have time to enter the magazine giveaway in my Bird Watching post here.


Meanwhile, our summer is shaping up quite nicely.  Yes, we are feeling the heat, including heat from the oven!!!  You see, Miss Baby and I are working in a bit of baking in our summer routine.  Miss Baby is crazy about those cranberry pecan rolls!  [Doreen’s bread recipes are the absolute best!!!   Click here for Doreen’s recipes.]  So, I am not the greatest cook in the world — I had to write Doreen and asked just how long we should wait for the bread rolls to rise before sticking them in the oven to be baked.  Doreen is  most gracious in sharing her bread making wisdom – thanks, Doreen!


How is your summer shaping up?  Are you doing any traveling this summer?  If so, where…?

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to post about another editorial feature tomorrow — I realized I needed to take a few more pictures while working on the post.  Till tomorrow.  Hugs to you all.

12 thoughts on “Autumn Sky: Sneak Peek

  1. I find straight lines stressful too. I would much rather do free motion quilting.

    With enough training you might be able to turn the cooking chores over to Miss Baby!!! It’s a great time for sharing some fun together. When my boys were little I made one of them, each week, have to plan, shop and cook a meal. I was so frustrated with their lack of interest in what I cooked. It was fabulous and to this day they all love to cook. Two of them actually own four restaurants. Their wives have thanked me profusely for teaching them to cook.

  2. Lots of peaking happening here. I find everything about sewing stressful that’s why I can just enjoy the sewing you do and the beautiful results!

  3. Love your straight lines!!! I’m totally with ya on doin’ the “straight line thing”!!!! Feathers, vines, swirls……..relaxing. Lines………I’ve done a lot of ’em….but in some instances ( like your example) they are exactly what’s needed!!!!!!
    Those rolls look awesome!!! It’s a good thing I just pulled 3 small loaves out of the oven just now or I would be starting this project and it’s a tad late for that!!! LOL! Next time you make them and you want round loaves….this recipe makes 2 nice sized artisan loaves… to keep and one to share(?). Your quilting is so dreamy………………….hugs………….SSAB

  4. I agree, free motion straight lines are more difficult than swirly, round patterns. If I want straight lines, my “walking foot” is my best friend. My husband and I are here in CA for a ten day visit. Our grandson is promoting from middle school to high school. We’re having a great time.

  5. Your straight lines look great. I, too, find straight lines more difficult than curved ones.

    In a few weeks, I’ll be in the Midwest to visit family, including my three month old granddaughter. Haven’t seen her since she was 2 weeks old–I can hardly wait!

  6. This is funny to me. I have much more confidence in quilting straight lines than Free motion. Can’t wait for summer travel. We will be taking our “new” Air Stream out this summer for vacation adventures :-)

  7. I did straight line quilting on my batik quilt for our quilt show. (Sent you a picture) I loved it! Will be taking a bus trip to Rosemont for the Chicago Quilt Show tomorrow. Getting excited about all the quilts and vendors to see!!

    MMMM….love home made pecan rolls!!

  8. I can see that quilting straight lines would ne hard – to get them all going perfectly parallel.

    No traveling for us this summer, not with my m-i-l with us.

    I tried baking bread when I was first married, but it always came out heavy and dense, and I gave up.

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