Garden View in THE QUILTER (June/July 2014)


Hi Friends, what do you see when you look out your window?  That seems to be what Betsy the Bunny is thinking here.


And perhaps Benjamin here has a better idea, being perched all the way up there.


I am sharing with you today my Garden View quilt that is featured in the June/July 2014 issue of The Quilter.

Design 1c_49 x 55

The design features an “open” and “airy” layout.  It gives the illusion of one looking out one’s window and seeing this unbelievable floral profusion!  I like the contrast in scales of print in my “window” quilt center.


The spinner blocks are representative of wind-blown blossoms floating in the air.




Garden View  uses fabrics from Benartex’s Ambrosia collection.  Click here to view the entire fabric range.  You will notice the really sweet swatches in the peach/pink colorway.

ambrosia swatches

I have re-colored the quilt to give you an idea what it would look like with the peachy pink colorway.

Design 1b_49 x 55

The openness of the layout lends itself to fun quilting, lots of quilting – lots of room for Aurifil‘s Mako 50 cotton threads to meander and flow and play over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting.






You can read about how I decided to quilt around the spinner blocks here.



I hope you have enjoyed Garden View.  I certainly enjoyed designing and making the quilt.  I hope I will get to see floral eye candies on an upcoming family getaway.  Meanwhile, I wish you a lovely weekend!  I shall catch up with you next week.





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8 thoughts on “Garden View in THE QUILTER (June/July 2014)

  1. Your window garden quilt is beautiful and the quilting exquisite as usual. Love how you show your sketch for the quilting design. Also love the shelf display with the bunnies!

  2. One of the best yet!!!! The window idea has so many applications and the peachy-pink colorway is calling me!!!!! The stitching is always awesome….this one is so romantic! Is the binding hand stitched to the backing? Hugs……..SSAB

  3. WOW! I love this quilt my friend. Simple piecing, lots of negative space, bright and flowery — what a HIT ! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us. Feeling Blessed…Hugs… Karen

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