School’s out!!!!

My little Miss Baby successfully completed her pre-K year!  She wrote parting notes for her teachers,


[Mom’s translation in case you need it: “Dear Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Dollinger, you are the best teachers ever.”]

and for Mr. Monkey (a monkey puppet who sleeps in Mrs. C’s drawer, and ONLY comes out once in a while during Numbers time and only when the children are quiet enough for him to handle).

r monkey

[Mom’s translation in case you need it: ” Dear Mr. Monkey, have a good summer nap. I hope Mrs. Carr doesn’t wake you up.  I will miss you.]

Miss Baby and I want to thank you all for your encouragement and support during this first year of school!   I have really enjoyed seeing Miss Baby mature – though with mixed feelings.

Now that she is Kindergarten material, all of a sudden, she is not looking forward to Kindergarten anymore.  She claims she wants to stay in K-4 because she will be shy meeting new friends in Kindergarten.  Kids these days…. :)

Thanks for visiting!  I just took pictures of the the background quilt on which the notes lay  — will be sharing about that colorful project soon!

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16 thoughts on “School’s out!!!!

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Congratulations Wendy, and Missie Baby too. You survived the first big year.
    Missie Baby’s handwriting is perfect. She reminds me soooo much of my two girls. They were both super brilliant — and now they are married!! time does FLY.
    they married two brilliant men, so now I have two sons!
    So, with each passing day, it gets better.
    Girls are so funny. They really are so dramatic.
    Have a fun week-end.
    Will you be at the quilt show in Dulles? I am not sure I am going. I could take my younger daughter with me and that would be a good experience. Hubbs wants to go, but he will buy me everything, which is silly. Just because I look at something and think it is wonderful and amazing does not mean I want it hahaha
    I might go.
    It will be a great week-end for celebrating though!
    Yay, Missie Baby is a Kindergartener!

  2. So amazing how time has flown by. I am sure she will be very busy this summer. Doing her stories. She is such a sweet your lady and very very bright.
    Hugs to you both.

  3. How impressive. the writing is what we saw in first grade in my generation. Wonderful Job and to the proud Mom too.

  4. What wonderful notes! How thoughtful of Miss Baby to write to her teachers! I am so glad to see “cursive” writing. Sometimes I think it has been replaced with a keyboard.

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. I can’t believe she’s writing cursive already!! And good, complete sentences. She should be going into First Grade, not K. Congrats on doing such a wonderful job with your daughter! She’s smart because of you. Hugs to you both. She’ll get excited about her K year, too. Just mention that some of her K4 friends will be there. Maybe not monkey, but others. I’m proud of her, and you. PS, I was a Kindergarten teacher, so I know she’ll do very well.

  6. I did not need your translations of your little gals notes, she wrote and printed very well. And I can hardly wait to see the new project. Tell your little Miss: once she is in kindergarten, her shyness will go away. My five year old grandson is just finishing kindergarten in a French Immersion program. It has been so fun to hear him speak French. I wish our little ones could be friends. Maybe they could be pen pals?

  7. Miss Baby’s notes are wonderful, especially for the pre-K level! I am impressed.

    Surely some of her pre-K friends will be in her K-5 class? I’m sure she’ll be fine either way and will enjoy making new friends once she gets there. Meanwhile, I hope you both have a great summer!

  8. Good job on the cursive! since they don’t teach that here! I have never seen a child in PreK write so well! AWESOME!

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