Ornament #7 is done: Seven Swans a-Swimming

#7 is done – and I couldn’t be happier.  Maybe, just maybe – I would have the entire set of ornaments displayed on our Christmas Tree this year.

number 7

Here you see ornaments #1-6 that I have stitched.  You may click here, here, here, here, here and here to view additional pictures of the ornaments.  [Note:  The designs are charted by Australian designer, The Cat’s Whiskers.]


Incidentally, sweet friend Lynette Anderson released her new stitchery Christmas ornament pillows.  Click here to check out the patterns for this sweet set of ornaments.


[image source: Lynette Anderson Designs]

Thanks for stopping by.  So, curious mind wants to know if you are currently working on any Christmas projects!

I shall catch up with you later!   Hugs and Blessings.


16 thoughts on “Ornament #7 is done: Seven Swans a-Swimming

  1. Well Wendy, I finally did it! I joined your Plain and Fancy BOM. My first 2 blocks should be here in a day or two. I love the blocks you designed and the fabric is beautiful. Can’t wait to get started!

    Hugs and Blessing back at you!

  2. #7 is complete!!!! Hooray!! All the ornaments are beautiful! What a nice addition to your holiday decorations. Nothing “Christmassy” going on here at the moment. Because we are in Civil War country and the150th Anniversary of the Battle of Franklin, I am leaning more toward “Patriotic.”

  3. Those are lovely and very typical of this very Norwegian/Swedish area we live in. No winter projects here. Too many birthdays in the next couple of months!! Plus, clients’ quilts take priority…..hmmmm….something a bit new for me of late. Have not had this since I shut down my sewing business 13 yrs. ago!!! Hope your weather has given you many outdoor opportunities!!!!

  4. Rosemary B here
    This turned out so cute.
    I remember getting lots of little things like this done sitting in the car waiting waiting and waiting for my princesses to come out of activities and lessons.
    Adorable. I hope you are signing and dating the backs!!!!

  5. Love these ornaments!! You are making me want to get back into cross stitching!! Years ago I used to belong to a group but, unfortunately, it disbanded!

    Just got my July/August issue of McCall’s Quilting and saw your quilt Bird Watching. I have many floral prints in my stash and this would work.

    Have a wonderful week!!

  6. Those ornaments are beautiful. Your work is exquisite. I bet those become a family heirloom set that is brought out every Christmas. Just stunning!

  7. I love being over the halfway point of a project – the end seems more realistic.

    Christmas is nowhere in my brain yet – we have four family birthdays between now and September, so it probably won’t be until fall.

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