Movement in Squares: Winner of Benartex’s March Madness Fan Favorite

Hello Friends, back in March, Benartex team ran a March Madness “Fan Favorite Pattern” contest for the designs they have featured.  I am very happy that my Movement in Squares design won 2014 Fan Favorite pattern!

K movementinsquares with ribbon

You may click here to read about the design.

You may click here for information on how to download the free pattern instructions.


I was  tickled when Linda wrote and shared with me her version of Movement in Squares.  Thanks heaps, Linda!  You know how I love to see quilts made with my designs.

Linda wrote, “When I saw your Movement in Squares, I knew it was perfect for a project I had been thinking of using cotton fabric I had purchased ( and never used ) to make shirts for my boys in the 80’s.  I increased the size of the strips to 3 inches to make the quilt larger and my granddaughter has already called dibs on the quilt.”

Well done, Linda!


Thanks for stopping by.  Have a most blessed day!


18 thoughts on “Movement in Squares: Winner of Benartex’s March Madness Fan Favorite

  1. Congrats, Wendy! Fun quilt, Linda. You must be a lady after my own heart…with fabric from the 80s lurking in your stash!

    • Ever heard the word STABLE? It stands for ” stash accumulated beyond life expectancy.” At this point I will need to live a LONG time to prove my hubby wrong! I have a hard time parting with my fabric unless it is going: into a quilt; to charity; or to a quilting buddy.

  2. well done with the win. Your pattern always reminded me of the Mongolian Knot patterns that I have used to make quilt patterns from

  3. I love the pattern “Movement in Squares” Is is still available as a free pattern. I cannot seem to find it and I have tried clicking on everything I see. Please help. Also love your choice of color in this design.

  4. ran across your pattern Movement in squares and thought what a fun looking pattern for a guild project. I have been trying to download the pattern but I guess it has been pulled. Is there a way that I might obtain this pattern? You did a great job with the design and congratulations on your well deserved award.

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