Plain & Fancy BOM: Block 1 Done!

Happy Memorial Day (Observed), Dear Friends!  I hope you have had a blessed and reflective weekend.

I managed to finish the first block of Plain & Fancy BOM quilt (top left block)!

BOM_Applique_High Res

It is a large block.  And I am quite pleased with it.


I posted about constructing the block center before I left for Market here.


I worked on the parallelogram units after I returned from Market.

Thought #1.  In trimming off the excess when making the parallelogram units, I found that the excess triangles can be sewn together and trim to measure 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ HST units.  I am making these HST units as I construct the quilt even though I don’t quite know what I will do with them yet.



IMG_6365I am curious to know if you have any ideas on what to do with these 1.5″ HST units.  I imagine I will have quite a few of these when I am finished with the quilt top.


Thought #2.  In sewing the parallelogram units together for the block framing pieces, I made sure the diagonal seams match up before pinning.



That little bit of effort resulted in very “happily situated” seams when the parallelogram units are sewn together!


Thought #3.  When sewing the parallelogram unit and the block corner units, I marked with Frixion pen where the seams will meet, and matched up the seams before pinning and sewing.

IMG_6378See how the points all came together?

So this concludes my notes on constructing the first Plain & Fancy block.  While it is not a particularly difficult block to construct, I did like using the block to fine tune my piecing skill.


I doubt I will have time between now and the last of the month to work on the sashing blocks.  But I will move on to making my 2nd block as time permits.


Have you signed up to be a Plain & Fancy quilter – click here to see if your local quilt shops are participating.

I found out that Fons and Porter is also running the program in their online shop in case your local quilt shops aren’t participating. Click here to access the order information.


Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends!  I hope you have a wonderful week.  This is Miss Baby’s last week of school.  I can’t believe our little Miss Baby has just about completed her first year of formal education.  I am getting a little weepy thinking about that…

13 thoughts on “Plain & Fancy BOM: Block 1 Done!

  1. I’ve found that when I know my weak spot, and take a little extra time to mark match points, or press seams open, forget to hold the thread tails and chew up the corner of your block, or whatever, it is time well spent. You can only rip things out so many times before they hit the trash and you start over–hoping you have extra material.

    I save those triangles too and still haven’t figured out what I want to do with them, but it is easier to stitch them up as you make them, than pile them up and they get lost in the shuffle. Queen of Scraps, Bonnie Hunter, has ideas.

  2. Isn’t it nice when things go together the way they should? I pin when I need to, but mostly try to not pin lol. As for the HST’s, I have amassed quite a collection myself, waiting to use them in something, somewhere, whenever :) Cherish these days with Miss Baby, for they sail past much too quickly. Happy Memorial Day from Canada :)

  3. Such a beautiful block! Nothing plain about it!! Your points are matched so perfectly…love the idea of marking it with a Frixion pen! My quilting mentor is really big on pinning the heck out of a block, especially when getting points and seams to match up. I’m trying to break that particular habit…will be trying the pen vs. pin method next time I have the opportunity to use it! Thanks for the great idea!!

    Enjoy your summer vacation with Miss Baby…those school years go by in a blur of activity; hope you have a wonderful, relaxing summertime with her!

  4. As much as I love those patterns that don’t have the seams meeting, blocks (such as you describe) give a wonderful feeling of “order” when all match so precisely. It is the “engineer” in you that is peeking out!!! LOL! The summer is just getting underway here…..yay! Enjoy…………hugs……..SSAB

  5. I so appreciate you taking the time to show us the close up details. The fabric of the block and the details of your piecing are so beautiful and help me as a beginner to see how it’s done. The pattern looks so different to me when I see how it’s pieced close up. Can’t wait to see all your steps. I love it!

  6. I have already do lock one ,and two waiting for block three. The only thinking I did different was the corner blocks I put all one way. Thanks for the pictures it is beautiful !

  7. This is a beautiful quilt! Very different from what have and am working on (Phoebe, Stars & Sprigs, and Civil War Brides). Am debating about giving it a try. Every time you post about it the temptation increases!

  8. I make extra HST’s anytime I can while making quilts. I put them all into a container. Some have already been made into mini pinwheels and other variations for HST’s and I’m planning on making a scrappy quilt with them along with all orphan blocks, strata scraps, etc.

  9. I am anxious to begin my Plain and Fancy Quilt. One of these days very soon. How nice to have all these tips before I begin. I plan to stay several steps behind you so that I can glean from your expertise.

    Wish that the HST were of a different color. I am working on a traditional (Civil War type fabrics) quilt with many, many one inch finished HST. Each block finishes at six inches, each block is different. My piecing techniques are definitely improving.

    Enjoy your summer with Miss Baby. It’s gonna be a fun time!!

  10. Yea, Wendy!!! I have mine in my travel bag so I can work on where ever I may be. I keep looking at the package. Thanks for the tips and I am VERY excited about this quilt. The tips should make the construction go smoother!

  11. Hi Ms Wendy. Can get a pattern for the beautiful quilt you made back in 2014. Plain and Fancy. I lost my precious spouse at that time and became very sick. I have recovered and would really like to make this quilt. I researched and found AuntMarysquilting is doing a BOM.
    I got pattern 6 and 7 but can’t get the passed ones. Can you help please. Thank you in advance.
    Sincerely, Sarah C

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