All stacked up!

Hello Friends!  I hope you are well.  Some of you wrote and asked what happens to my magazine featured quilts.  99.99% of the time they are returned to me after they are officially featured in various magazines. And so, I do have quite a stash of quilts (see my list of magazine featured quilts here).  Recently I acquired a large bookcase to house some of my quilts… folded and all stacked up! You would probably recognize some of the quilts.


According to the lady from whom I bought this English made bookcase, it had been used in a store.  The lady purchased the bookcase when the store went out of business, and brought it back to the States from Europe.  She had it in her farmhouse kitchen for years, and recently sold it to me when her kitchen was updated.  This bookcase is LARGE and TALL , and has proven to be very useful in storing some of my quilts.

I draped my Monkey Around quilt at the front one of the shelves, and added a cross stitch piece to break up the monotonous look of stacked quilts to make things look a bit more attractive.


So, I am curious to know how you store your stash of quilts.  Please share your ideas, as I am always looking for ways to store quilts creatively and beautifully.

A huge part of what I do as a quilt designer is pattern writing.   I have actually been doing nothing but pattern writing for the last 2 1/2 weeks!  I am quite anxious to actually sew on my machine again.  Meanwhile, besides pattern writing, I have liked having my “under the weather” little one being home from school the last couple of days.


Thanks for stopping by!  I was able to squeeze in a photo shoot of more quilts today, and hope to be able to share them with you soon!  Hugs to you all!


11 thoughts on “All stacked up!

  1. I have stash, and I have made quilts. Those that remain are challenge quilts of a rather small size compared to useful ones. One is hanging on the back of the kitchen island, and the others are downstairs, folded on a bed, or draped over another “ladder” type item. A couple have been parted with for fund-raisers, but I don’t have many of my projects under my roof. BUT, I have stash!

  2. Well, you probably won’t believe this one. But I took the queen size spare bed and spread out all my quilts on it so they don’t have folds in them. Don’t ask how many there are on there. LOL That way I can do a bed turning to see most of each quilt. No I don’t remove them. That’s far too much work! Love your new bookcase, great idea but your quilts are usually much smaller than mine too.

  3. I like the look you have going. I have my quilts hanging, draped over furniture & folded up on beds & in cupboards. I hope your wee one is 100% soon.

  4. I have some on beds, a lot of them are hanging and some on free standing towel racks. I also have some folded up in cupboards. I love your idea of storing in a large bookcase. I am very interested to know if you open your quilts up and refold differently every now and again? Do they not get a little dusty after a while? I love your quilts and your quilting and have learned a lot from your “Thread Talk” posts. My “go to” fmq design is Jesters’ Hats – absolutely love stitching them!

  5. I wish I had a stash of quilts to store! lol but one step at a time… I am still trying to set up my sewing room (aka studio) so that I can be more productive. I am beginning to think that it is all wishful thinking! May I ask you what program you use for your pattern writing? I am venturing into this as well (upon the encouragement of some of my friends). I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, and that Miss Baby is on the mend :)

  6. What a wonderful piece of furniture to display your quilts. I have mine in several locations. I have some stacked in a glass curio cabinet that is in our media room. Others are housed in a tall glass TV component cabinet which is housed in my sewing studio. More are in a glass cedar like chest in our great room. Still others are on each of our beds, hanging on walls, and hanging on several quilt display racks. My home runneth over with quilts, but I love each of them. I even have one on a display rack that I can set outside by our front door when the weather is good. Glad that you and Miss Baby have had a quiet couple of days together. Hope that she is 100% by the weekend.

  7. Great bookcase, Wendy! Your quilts look great!

    My small stash of quilts are in a closet. I look at them and refold them periodically. I make mostly wall quilts, so I have a few hanging up around the house. Most of my quilts have been given away, either as gifts or to charity auctions.

    It looks like Miss Baby is into Playmobile. They were some of my daughter’s favorite toys, years ago. I always appreciated the minimal packaging and imagination potential.

  8. What a great bookcase/cabinet. Well…I don’t have too many quilts. The very old ones I have from Dear’s grandmother are in my MIL’s hope chest.

  9. Wendy! A great way to store your quilts. I have a cedar chest that my grandfather made my mother many many yrs ago and after she passed away I have it and that is where I store my quilts and my grandmothers quilts. Happy weekend and a safe Memorial Day.

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