This and That & Woe and Whine

Hello Friends, I have a confession… you are going to kill me, and I do apologize.  I have to confess to you I really didn’t take all that many pictures from my short stint at Market. (I wish Ellen went along with me to Market – she takes the greatest pictures, and her pictures always capture the right moments.)


I was at the actual Market for only a little over a day after all the booths were set up.  Here you get a glimpse of how things looked on set-up day.  I was blown away by the number of wooden crates and boxes that were on-site consisting of the amazing amount of quilty goodness!


Here is me with my VERY primitive way of taking a selfie before I left my room in the morning of Schoolhouse Day.  Yeah, I have got to be one of the last few on this planet without a smart phone!  I secretly harbor a desire to move into a cave one of these days… (!)


I wish I had more time walking the floor at Market.


I did enjoy meeting the people with whom I work.  If all goes well, I will be at Houston later this year.  For now, I am back to reality (i.e. work!) — HA! I will have more snippets to share here and there about Market as I post on other things that have Market connection.  So stay tuned for more Market tidbits. :)

Now, for my woe and whine!!  I am NOT able to comment on blogspot blogs that have the following comment format.  I have no idea why even though I am suspecting it is a settings issue at my end.  I have been visiting your blogs — but I just haven’t been able to leave comments.  If you know how to fix this, would you please let me know?

woeWith that, I shall bid you goodbye for now.  I have a coughing child at home today with both of us a little sleep-deprived.  It’s funny – my husband and I were joking that I would get more sleep while I was away at Market than I would at home.  And that turned out to be just the case!!

I shall catch up with you tomorrow.

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24 thoughts on “This and That & Woe and Whine

  1. I am also unable to post comments on that type of response.

    I always enjoy your posts and e-mails.

    Happy quilting!

    Miriam Saye Dennis, KS

    On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 8:38 AM, Ivory Spring

  2. The comment ‘thing’, I suspect, is on their end and occurs with me, also. I have consulted WP techs and combed my settings. I determined that some of the blog sites (Blogger) have a setting that needs changing, at least that’s what we (the “Blogger” blog owners and I) have determined. There are a few who say I am a “no reply” commentor/blogger but it’s not on my end that the problem exists. If I want to leave a comment on a site that won’t accept WP, I either use their e-mail contact or I use my Google G-mail acct (interesting…..Google and Blogger=the same company???).
    Keep me posted about Houston. I would love to go and have been talking with DH about it. It’s only about 1300 miles for us. Would love to see you again!!!!!!
    Taking photos and “working” don’t always mix so you are “forgiven”….LOL!!! Hope Miss Baby is on the mend quickly. Take care that you don’t share that ‘bug’, too!!!!! Hugs……………………..

  3. I’m so happy you had a chance to go to Market and will be going back this Fall. The Landauer booth looks beautiful and inviting, as always.

    Thanks for sharing insights about comments on blogger blogs. Several of us are seeing various issues, so this is another piece of the puzzle that may help us figure it out.


  4. I, too, am unable to post on that type of response. I, too, do not own a “smartphone,” maybe someday, but probably not. I long for the days when phones were not a necessary appendage. I enjoyed your pictures of Market. I bet that it was a great adventure for you, with memories for a lifetime. Possibly Houston in the Fall, how fantastic!!!!

  5. I know the feeling about pictures. I love to take pictures, and as such, take lots when I go somewhere of interest. There have been times when I had to look at the pictures to “see” what I “saw” while I was there. Don’t fret about it. And I don’t care that I don’t have a smartphone.

    Love the vest on the lady in the Landauer booth.

  6. Rosemary B here:
    Awwww Wendy you are sooo pretty and adorable.
    I am glad you could go for a day and a little bits more. It looked super cool.
    I would have been drooling and gasping the whole time.

    Well, long story, I took mom and dad and my daughter along in my car and we went to my sister’s house for Mother’s Day. She told me that she and her son had allergies. My sister is a nurse…. I am too but I do not work as one anymore (now I just give free unsolicited advice)
    anyway, my sister and her son did not have allergies, they had a virus, a nasty from the head up, coughing sneezing headachey, virus. I discovered this two days later when Lizzie and I got sick. Thankfully mom and dad did not get sick.
    Hubbs was at a Car Camp driving race cars and Lizzie’s hubbs was in Afghanistan.
    I know that nasty cough thing. It is going around. It has been a week later and I am just getting better from it.
    Now hubbs is sick with it…
    Sleep. we all need it.

    I married techie toys man. We all have iPhones. Even my 90 year old dad lol
    But, everyone is lacking is something, that is just the way it is.
    I hope you and your hubb stay healthy. that is a challenge with Baby in school now. She brings home the germs. I remember those days well. I was always getting some dirty virus from the school hahaha
    Enjoy this week, get fresh air.
    So glad you took some photos. It is an amazing site.
    Will you be at the Quilters Unlimited thing at Dulles?
    I have never been O_O and I think I will go

  7. Love your brief pictures. You look great! I have had the same trouble commenting on Typepad accounts. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Have not figured out the why or wherefore. But I’m sure it’s more then my feeble brain can handle ;-) I do love my iPhone and have resisted my son’s comments that I need to upgrade! I know what to do with the one I have, why change?

  8. Aw, I’m sorry your little one is sick, Wendy! My son is, too. He had to go to school yesterday for End of Grade state testing and his teacher says that he filled up her ENTIRE trash can full of Kleenexes during the exam! I hope that both of our kiddos feel better soon.

  9. Wendy – You look lovely! Always smart to take the “Before” picture…my “After” pictures usually show someone bedraggled and glassy eyed! If you come to Houston, will you be staying for festival? I would love to get to meet you in person! Hope Miss Baby is on the mend, and that you get to indulge in some sleep!

  10. Wow that’s a lot of amazing displays on that floor. I can imagine it could be quite overwhelming. Sorry about Miss Baby and hope she’s all better soon!

  11. Thanks for sharing what you could. Regarding the Selfie: High tech world makes me crazy…..think that’s half of what is WRONG with our society today …..last week I was in Best Buy for a computer issue and was asked “Do you have a Smartphone?”. My reply – “No, I have a stupid phone and no plans to upgrade in the near future”….LOL I have a Tracfone for emergencies only. Only three people have the number and I have to remember to turn it on when I am meeting someone or travelling or something. To my credit, it is ALWAYS charged, though. I have the basics (computer, etc.) but was the last on my block to get an answering machine, too. Okay, I’m old!

    Do keep blogging your beautiful handiwork and designs. It is such a treat and also inspiring.

  12. I am very happy indeed that you take photos with a real camera and post them on your blog. It was so disappointing to keep reading on other blogs that their pictures of Quilt market would be appearing on Instagram -whatever that is!. My mobile phone is not a Smartphone and is bordering on the antique but is in my handbag solely for use when travelling or in the event of my car (also an antique) breaking down! Lynne.

  13. You look great in your lil’ black dress! You also are not he only one w/o a smartphone, I refuse to pay the monthly charges.
    It is amazing how much work goes behind the beautiful displays, and most is done by the artists themselves and their families ~

  14. Oh wow – that looks like so much fun! Is it always in Houston? I have family there – it would be fun to coordinate a visit when this is going on. :-) And you do look great in your black dress! Hope Miss Baby feel better soon.

  15. Hey Wendy! It was great to meet you at quilt market. I love your reproduction quilts and would love to show you how to use my templates to make many of the standard appliqué shapes. Check out my videos on YouTube. Just search sue Pelland designs.

  16. Thanks for sharing some tidbits of the Spring Market. It looks like it would have been awesome – and you looked marvelous darling! I do hope that Miss Baby shakes this thing and that you and hubby don’t end up with it!

  17. Hope Miss Baby is feeling well soon. The days are getting nicer and this is no time to be sick. The pictures you show are great. It is so hard to imagine how big it is and how it all comes together.

    I do not have a smart phone either……I think too many people are addicted to always be checking mail and facebook. Love…Love.. your little black dress!!

  18. I am the worst at taking photos when I am preoccupied. I LOVE your selfie. You look darling!

    I heard that all of these computer woes are bcause of that darn virus Heartbleed. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

    Take care of your little one. Those bugs are no fun for anyone.

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