Sew in Love {with fabric} Blog Hop: Flower Favorites

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Hello Friends!  Things are slowly spinning back to normal at my end now that our overseas and out-of-state guests have departed.  I am starting the process of catching up with people on my long list of people to write.  You will also start to see more regular blog postings.  And of course, I hope that my Northern Hemisphere friends are enjoying the May flowers brought by the April showers.

I so wished I had dressed Miss Baby in yellow to make that lone yellow tulip to not feel so conspicuous!

standing out

I am happy to share with you a tutorial to make my “window pane” block at Sew in Love {with fabric} blog.  Do head on over there to read about how I deal with small patches in my pieced block(s), among a few other tips and tricks.

image 10

I had used the block in my Midori’s Place design using Benartex’s Gramercy fabric collection.

Design 2a_58 x 75

Sew, do tell me – what your favorite spring flower is!

Thanks for stopping by.  I shall chat with you again tomorrow!  Have a most blessed day.

19 thoughts on “Sew in Love {with fabric} Blog Hop: Flower Favorites

  1. This is gorgeous, Wendy. I love the windowpanes in the opposites.

    Miss Baby does blend in with the tulips. I guess you will have to scope the sight out next time before you get her dressed. ;-)

    I’m glad you are feeling better and getting back to a more normal routine, but I am sure you loved having the company too.

    Oh…favorite flower? Iris.

  2. What a gorgeous shot of Miss Baby with all those flowers!! No flowers here quite yet as we’re still thawing out, I think, from that winter that never wanted to end! But there are some green shoots starting to show in the flowerbeds so there’s hope.
    My favourite spring flower? Lily of the Valley. I love those delicate little white blooms against the gorgeous green of their leaves.

  3. I’m so glad you’re back!!!!! Gorgeous photo of Miss Baby w/ the tulips. I’m looking forward to my lilacs blooming. 2 daffodils have decided it’s safe to come out. The tulips are lagging a bit as temps have been 20+ degrees below normal/average and in the 30’s at night!!!!! DH did some lawn mowing a few moments ago and the smell of summer is in the house at the moment!!!!! Love that quilt pattern!!!! Busily quilting here (and baking, as my blog indicates!!!!!!). Hugs to you all, SSAB………………………………….

  4. I really love the windowpane block. Thank you. My favourite flowers are daisies followed closely by tulips and sweet peas.

  5. Oh now that’s a hard question. There are so many Spring flowers that are fabulous… Glad things are back to normal at your place!

  6. Very pretty! Roses and carnations are my favorite flowers over all, but I love seeing daffodils and irises and tulips coming up as harbingers of spring.

  7. Daffodils! The deer don’t eat them and such a cheery yellow! They will come back year after year, unlike tulips in my garden.

  8. Lovely block Wendy — such beautiful piecing and great tutorial for thos of us that really aren’t good at piecing ;) Miss Baby and those tulips look beautiful in Red. I think my favorite spring blooming shrub is a forsythia. I know it’s not a flower but the shrubs are just so vibrant yellow when they are full. I especially love them when they are not trimmed, and are full but unkempt. So pretty. Have a lovely week – it’s nice to have you back !! Hugs, Karen

  9. Beautiful pictures! My favorite flower – Broadway Roses. My oldest son gave me a rose bush of them for Mother’s Day a few years ago. When we moved, we put them in pots and brought them with us to the country. This year, they have finally recovered and are back to giving me enough to cut and bring inside to fill several vases!!

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