Virtual Trunk Show #14: Flowers


Dear Friends.  I hope you are well.  The flowers are blooming where I am at…and I thought I would share with you some of my flower-themed (fabrics or designs) quilts to start off the week.  Click on quilt  names to view additional quilt pictures.

1.  Attention to Detail (American Patchwork & Quilting, June 2011)

Attention to detail3

2.  Watercolor Sketches (Quilts and More, Spring 2013)


3.  Quilting Around the Applique Block (Quilter World, April 2011)


4.  Candied Pomegranate (Quilter’s World, February 2012)


5.  Garden Mist (Quilter’s World, Summer 2013)


6.  Spring Blooms (The Quilter, March 2010)

7.  Americana Florals (The Quilter, January 2011)

8.  Around the Bend (The Quilter, June/July 2011)

9.  Sweet Meadow (The Quilter, August/September 2012)


10.  Bloom Where You Are (The Quilter, January 2010)

11. Lollipop Spring (Jump Start Your Quilting, House of White Birches, February 2011)

12.  Mending Fences (Popular Patchwork UK, April 2014)


13. April Flowers (Quiltmaker, March/April 2009)

april flowers2

Thanks for stopping by.  The weather is certainly warming up here ever so slowly! We are getting there for sure…

Happy Monday, and Happy Week to you all!

p.s.  You may click here to see my other featured quilts.

13 thoughts on “Virtual Trunk Show #14: Flowers

  1. I’m in your time zone right now Wendy. It’s suppose to get real warm in Jacksonville tomorrow. I enjoyed seeing all these beautiful creations of yours!

  2. Wendy, I they are all beautiful, but I. Think that #3 is one of my all time favorites. I love, love, love it. It ranks right up there with the nestling quilts.

  3. Numbers three and five are my favorites, Wendy. I looked up the article on number three, and noticed your different ways of quilting the appliqué. I showed them to my husband. He liked the appliqué itself unquilted, while I liked it very quilted. He said he did not like the flat look of the appliqué when it was quilted. Either way, your work is always inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

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