Song of Praise: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a good week.  I feel like I have lived through a whirlwind these past few days.  I managed to ship off my Song of Praise project before the weekend.  I am sorry this is the extent of preview I can share at this moment.


Meanwhile, our little nest here is having lots of excitement that is directly related to the doting on a certain 5 year old by some special overseas guests.


And the certain 5 year old aka Miss Baby has enjoyed the sunshine this past weekend although the weather still hovers on the chilly side.  It is sweet and fun (yet convicting at the same time) to see how a child delights in the simplest of things in life.  Miss Baby is the happiest when she is left in a field of dandelions!  Such happy days…


That’s all for now, Dear Friends.  I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.  I will have a couple of magazine featured quilts to share with you this week.  So I hope you will visit again before too long!  Hugs to you all.


15 thoughts on “Song of Praise: Sneak Peek

  1. Your latest quilt looks terrific…love your buttonhole stitching. I originally thought you did it by hand, like me, but I read your blog on how you do it on your machine. It is fantastic. Miss Baby looks so cute with her dandelions…xxx

  2. Love that little peek Wendy. Thank You! So nice to see Miss Baby outside and enjoying the spring sunshine. We all sure need that fresh and soon to be warm air. Hugs, Karen

  3. My 7 yr old g/dau thinks dandelions are flowers and she picks them too. Love the peek, anxious to see the rest. Hugs from AR and thankful we are safe in our area.

  4. Rosemary B here:
    Hi Wendy! This quilt is adorable! Love the colors and I am excited now, of course!
    Birdie house village looks wonderful! Enjoy your guests and the lovely memories they bring.
    Missie Baby is growing, she looks beautiful in red. Dandelions are the top favorite flower for little princesses — in the Spring — they are so readily available haha
    Happy Monday

  5. Did you make Miss Baby’s dress? I see lots of smocking!! Love the peek you gave us of your quilt with the buttons. I hope you are feeling better and having a chance to enjoy your visitors who have traveled so far. As a grandmother, I look forward to seeing my 3 grandchildren more than anything. (Fingers crossed that they get to come from Africa this summer!!!)

  6. A wonderful moment………innocence, guests from afar, dandelions, and sunshine!! What could be better? Your latest quilt looks like a springtime winner. Looking forward to seeing it in its entirety. Wendy, hope that you are feeling well. Enjoy your sunshine and warmth; we are experiencing April showers with thunder and lightening…….

  7. Oh….if we could all be so thrilled with the simple things in life again!!!!! How incredible would that be?

    I love those sweet buttons on your new sneak peak.

  8. I remember those days picking dandelions!! It is hard to believe how fast Miss Baby has grown.

    Love your button hole stitching on the quilt…..can’t wait to see more of the quilt!!

  9. I love your sneak peak, can’t wait to see the beautiful quilt. Your Applique is just amazing!
    Nice to see Miss Baby enjoying the sunshine! Today was a rather cold day for us, still me and my toddler son visited the park for some quick fun!

  10. Wendy,
    This is one of your Rogers admirers. I’d like to send Miss Baby a gumball necklace! Will you send me your address via my e-mail?

    Love your pics, as always! I bought myself a smocking plate and plan to learn how soon!


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