Better days to come…

Hello Friends,  I just want to say a quick hello to you.  We are experiencing over here “the cold that lingers and would not go away.”  It was 29 degrees when I took Miss Baby to school this morning, and we are having a freeze warning tonight; AND I am still battling with my cold which seems to have taken a worse turn.  BUT — I am looking forward to better days when my life will be in order again…

[If you are needing to make something quick for Easter, that chocolate bunny pillow ornament is super easy to make.  Instructions are found here.]


… with bunches of cherries!


Meanwhile, I hope you have had a blessed holy week.  Hugs and blessings to you, Dear Friends.

Bunny_Styled Shot1

p.s.  If you have written me “business-related” emails or any emails for that matter, please know I have them in my inbox.  I will respond to you as soon as I am able to do so.

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18 thoughts on “Better days to come…

  1. I imagine in addition to feeling lousy you are fretting about deadlines. Try to get some much needed rest and see the doctor before the weekend if you aren’t feeling better. We had another 8 inches of snow today with strong winds. Perfect day to sit and make Lollipop Bags by T Atkinson. At least my fabric looked like spring. Take care, sweetie. I’ll keep in touch.

  2. Wendy, hope you can slow down enough to heal. Sometimes God sends us illness to get our attention. I wish you and your family a blessed Easter.

  3. Love your dishes and little pillow. I think I had the same crud you have. Mine started the end of March and I went to the dr and he gave me two prescripts of the antibiotic, still have a slight cough and lack energy. Get well wishes and a feel better Easter . :-)
    Thanks from Montana

  4. Wendy the bunny is adorable. Thank you so much! I’m sorry you are still not feeling well. Sending healing energy your way. Take care my friend, Karen

  5. Take care, dear Friend! Winter is winning the battle here, too. The Twin Cities (MN) and north got 10″-18″ of snow and it’s still snowing in central/northern WI. Everyone seems to be suffering from a similar malaise! We so need warmth, green and flowers (allergy sufferers beware!). Everyone agrees that this is some of the strangest weather ever…..sign of the times????
    Enough of that……..I pray that your Easter is joyous and brings special renewal for you and your family! Blessings and hugs………SSAB

  6. great bunny – We just got 10″ of snow – I’m suppose to be gardening not quilting. If your going to be sick – better bad weather than waste the good. take care

  7. So sorry to hear things aren’t better as far as your cold goes. Praying that you will get better soon. Dear still has the hacky cough part of his cold. It really seems to linger long. Brrr as far as the weather goes. Katie and I hit the road for N.C. a week from Easter and I do hope winter will have left for sure…

  8. So sorry you are still under the weather. Prayers to you and better days ahead. I, too, have been under the weather with my blood pressure so better than I have been and will see the doctor near the end of the month. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter. C

  9. I pray you will be feeling better soon. It sure has been lingering, maybe a visit to the dr. is in order if it goes on much longer. I hope you all have a blessed Easter as we celebrate Jesus and all He did for us. Amazing love for sure. Many Blessings, Wendy.

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