WELCOME, Oh! Happy Stars Sneak Peek and This & That!

Dear Friends, welcome back to Ivory Spring, and I wish you a beautiful week ahead!  Please allow me to take this opportunity to welcome the new followers of Ivory Spring.  For my new friends, I hope you will find this blog a fun place to visit in the days to come…

safe to share

Meanwhile, I finished up my “World of Small Star” quilt, and have named it Oh, Happy Stars!  Some of you have commented about the “small-ness” of my sawtooth star.  You simply have to check out my friend’s Cathi’s work – Cathi specializes in small, and the even more impressive part is she hand-pieces her small blocks.



#3.  Also, Laura, a quilter/blogger has a sit down longarm machine she is trying to sell.  Click here for more information on how you can contact her directly.

That is a wrap, my friends!  I am actually nursing a really really bad cold.  Grrrr…. talk about bad timing.  Miss Baby was sick last week, and I really didn’t think I would be beaten by the bug like I have…. So, if you would like bring by a meal, let me know and I will pencil you in on the sign-up list!  JUST KIDDING.  But I am going to lay down for a bit… I shall catch up with you later!

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14 thoughts on “WELCOME, Oh! Happy Stars Sneak Peek and This & That!

  1. Looks like a lovely quilt and beautiful FMQ.

    So sorry to hear you have caught another cold, as well as Miss Baby has also been under the weather. Hard to tell by National weather reports, but I fear your area is being hit with another storm. I sure hope Spring arrives soon to your area and you all find good health. Being sick is not fun at all (and difficult to keep up with your very hectic work schedule).


  2. Colds just get in the way! get better real soon! Today must be the day for sneak peeks, because I gave one on my blog too! Liking yours, very pretty. Gosh that star is small……fun!

  3. Wendy, the quilting on the top quilt is beautiful. Get some much needed rest, sweetie. Wish I could pop in with a meal for all of you.

  4. Those spring colds are always the worst! I hope you are back and feeling well quickly.

    Cathi’s work is really wonderful. I wonder if it might be easier to piece by hand when you are working on such small pieces.

    Of course, your quilting is just gorgeous. I love the swirls.

  5. Rosemary B here:
    Oh Wendy, get better soon. I hate being sick. I drink boat loads of tea, that helps. Meh, resting is good too.
    These photos make me soooo happy. I love the little blocks, the cardinal and the star — and the flower and your adorable fmq. You are such an inspiration.
    Call PapaJohn’s or Chinese carryout for dinner…. and then there is always cans of soup and Stouffer’s. lol Don’t ask me why I know this.

    <3 <3

  6. I love the colors in that first one! My, those stars are indeed small. Hope you’re feeling better by now. If we lived close enough I would be happy to bring you a meal. :-)

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