World of Small Stars: Sneak Peek #1

Hello Friends, I feel like I have been living in the world of smalls… the following photo shows what I mean by that. :)


If you are like me — you hate throwing away scraps that are 2″ and under, but so often don’t know what to do with them — I am hoping my World of Small Stars would be a delight to you.  You know I do not like piecing, but I have to say I really enjoyed making those small stars that make me just go “awww”!   Do stay tuned for details.

So, curious mind wants to know if you are a saver of tiny scraps, or do you just scrap them? [Oh… don’t you just love the English language with the play on words?!  I have always adored the English language, even as a non-native speaker!]

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back tomorrow when I share with you a run-down on my currently featured quilts…. HUGS to you all.

29 thoughts on “World of Small Stars: Sneak Peek #1

  1. When I have small scraps, I save them for a friend, who makes magic with them. I do love scraps, but about 2″ square is my limit.

  2. I scrap anything smaller than 1.5 inches. I love your little star. I made 49 little 3 inch stars and used them as cornerstones for a King size quilt for my daughter. I also made a log-cabin quilt from 1.5 inch strips. I am working on a project now using 1.5 inch squares and making 3 inch pinwheels from my cut-away corners of my big project. I save my cut-away corners and my quilting friends who would otherwise throw them away give me theirs. I love doing these in between my big projects.

  3. Love these precious little stars! I don’t like piecing, either, but you know how I love little things…baby clothes and miniature quilts. I think I will have to try these!!

  4. this is a teeny weeny star, I am saving scraps and hope plan to make a scrappy piece have just bought the book create free form quilts and have 15 minutes of play which both use up scraps

  5. Well Wendy, I can see why you are living in the world of smalls. So what size are the pieces for your tiny stars, I do have a ton of small pieces, and I have always loved miniatures. Some day I may just make some doll quilts with miniature stars as Rhonda above thought of. You will never be accused of wasting anything, jo-

  6. Oh I save quite small scraps. I recently made a wall-handing size “Postage Stamp” quilt using 1″ squares from my “really small scraps” bag! And you never know, a little scrap will do for an applique flower or something.

  7. LOVE the tiny star! YES…I save EVERYTHING! One never knows when one will have a need for even the tiniest piece! I have made a lot of 1/2 square triangle blocks with mine…all just sitting in a box waiting for the perfect moment.

  8. OMG I have a lot of left over triangles from from corners. Many of them are not 1/2 square triangles…. I even purposely sew them so that they are saved, and then I save them and they are still saved….. MORE LIKE WHAT SHALL I DO W THEM!!!!!

  9. I find that I pause and analyze if I would really do something with the tiny pieces. Many of the quick piece methods produce HST that I do keep and use in small blocks in borders or parts of larger blocks (usually star blocks!). Yours is a cutie!!!! Hugs……………

  10. Dear Wendy, I too do not like piecing tiny scraps so I throw those pieces away or give them to someone in my small quilting group. However, I love looking at any quilt with tiny pieces. I do appreciate all the work it took to get it done. I prefer it simple and large myself. Amish quilts are my favorite.

    • Great ideas move the fastest. Thank you for this post, I found it to be very encouraging. I can tell this is probably a simple thing for you. I talked about these very topics to a teacher last week and they couldn’t offer a rebuttal.

  11. Great little star, and it looks perfectly pieced…..Beautifully done. Yes, I am a saver of scraps. I probably have scraps and pieces from every quilt that I have ever made. I did, however, leave some in CA during our recent move to TN. I have joined a BOM at the local quilt shop, we are using pieces of fabric but scraps would work beautifully. The 59 traditional blocks are finished at 6.5. It is an exercise in perfect piecing. Definitely a challenging challenge.

  12. I have some half inch thangles coming in the mail. What does that tell you! :-)
    I don’t throw much away. It’s a fun challenge to see how we can use it all.
    Your piecing is perfect Wendy. Have fun with it.

  13. Love the little star. It is so cute! and I really like the 2 fabrics shown.
    I don’t save the tiny scraps unless it is of a fabric that I pretty much used all up. I like to have something for an emergency repair if needed.
    have a great day, Wendy! Until next time….

  14. I’m not much of a saver when it comes to small pieces…one of the local shops has a receptacle for them, which one of the ladies uses for dog beds for the shelters. I do keep long strips though. I have a big stash of 1 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ batik strips leftover from cutting Accuquilt strips for a quilt and I’m going to use them next Monday for a bowl making class! I’ve been warned that once you make one bowl you will become addicted, so I may start looking for reasons to cut strips, just for the leftovers! (lol)

    Love your sweet little star! Stars are my very favorite thing to piece.

  15. I can’t wait to see more of your small stars.
    Timing is everything. Just yesterday I took a scrap class through my local guild and learned about cutting those scraps into 2″, 3.5″ and 5″ squares for easy combos of HST, 4 patches etc. and lots of helpful rotary cutter tips for rapid cutting. Now I hope to get in the habit of cutting those scraps as I cut FQ’s and yardage for larger piecing and appliques.

  16. I am always making use of small scraps: piled and stitched under organza for things as diverse as book covers and brooches: made into small squares for prem. baby quilts (my grand daughter received a small quilt when she was born 6 weeks prem.-11 years ago in April!); scrap crazy patchwork etc.

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