“A rather White, and not Green” St. Patrick’s Day

Hello Dear Friends,  I hope the quilters among you had a wonderful National Quilting Day weekend.  Yes, I did quilt…. [Miss Baby comments that her Mom always plays a game called “quilting!”].  Here you see a sneak peek of what’s on the quilt back.  I will be posting a tutorial later this week on how I did these “feather wreaths with a twist”.  Meanwhile, you may click here, and here to read about my other tutorials on feather wreaths.


We have a white and cold and snowy St. Patrick’s Day this year.  We are snowed in for sure!  Miss Baby’s school is canceled again, and the dedicated snow plow just came by as I type.


I find the life of the “Apostle of Ireland” fascinating.  With the emphasis of missions at my church, I am inspired by St. Patrick’s love and dedication in teaching about God to the Irish people back in the 5th century.  My Celtic Cutwork runner attempts to capture that spirit of reaching out with the green heart.

I don’t have any quilts that I have made that is exclusively green.  The best one I can find is my Nature Walk quilt.


I also have to confess as a dishaholic, I don’t have anything green or shamrock-y in my collection either.  But I have been looking…. and thinking…. specifically Belleek’s Basketweave.  Might you have any thoughts for me?

SO, curious mind wants to know if you have anything green in your collection (quilts, needlework, home decor items, dishes etc) to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day?

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a blessed St. Patrick’s Day, and a lovely week ahead!!  Blessings to you all!

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16 thoughts on ““A rather White, and not Green” St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Beautiful. I’m not able to get the magazine to find out and would love to get these designs. Would also appreciate it when you post pictures with embroidery designs that you give us the name of the designer so we can get them ourselves (and to give credit to the digitizer).

    • Thanks for your comment. Your point is noted. You might check ebay to find the magazine. I have filed that magazine somewhere, and actually don’t remember the design collection. I will find out and post the information when I locate that magazine.

      Thanks for stopping by. WS

    • Information updated on original post:

      Hearts: OESD, Cutwork & Crewel by Iris Lee (#771), design #26 (small heart wreath in green), design #41 (large heart cutwork) and design #43 (small heart motif on the sides).

      Leaves: Bernina, Linen Closet Design Collection (Studio Bernina Exclusive Vol. 2), design #BE10223

  2. Wowzer!! I love the ” round-about” feather quilting!! Gorgeous!! The cut work table runner is stunning. I love green, but not much is dedicated to St. Patrick, only a very small, round table topper that I made several years ago. Happy Day……..Spring will be here shortly……….

  3. The feather wreath quilting looks fantastic! So does the Celtic runner! I have absolutely nothing dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not much of a decorator, that’s for sure.
    I am waiting for spring as well. I can finally see the ground!

  4. As a second generation Irish Catholic I am afraid to say that I never remember St Patricks day. I think you Americans make more of it than we do. Mind you, we dont even do St Georges day! How terrible is that?
    As to weather, we have had no snow this year. We probably won’t even get a summer either!

  5. Wendy, I am going to tell you the prettiest green and white plate, and you may not like me because it is expensive! But you know how we are about our dishes. I have a few dinner and salad plates in the pattern, and it is gorgeous and can go from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day to Easter. Are you ready? Herend’s Chinese Bouquet! It comes in green and white, blue and white, raspberry and white, and rust and white. Wendy, it is one of my favorite patterns. The green is very versatile. You could always mix it with a white pattern . That is what I started to do with my white plates with gold trim, but the dinner plates called my name. I got them at a huge savings at auction.

    By the way, I love your needlework with the heart. So pretty, and the stitching on that quilt is amazing.



    PS. I love the symbol of the shamrock as the trinity, don’t you? What a brilliant analogy by Saint Patrick!

  6. I love your feather. I’ll have to improve mine. I can see how to make it better, since yours is lovely. I learn so much from you. My heritage is Irish, so I do have some Belleek and some other Irish trinkets, and wear claddah earrings and a ring. I hope to visit Ireland one day. Irish Blessings to you!

  7. I consider my self an Iriephile[lover of all things Irish. So I have many green things. My favorite thimg from a.trip to Ireland is a.green Connemara cross.

  8. Since green is my favorite color, I do have a lot of green. I have the sage green Wedgwood Columbia china and tend to put green in a lot of my quilts. I don’t have one that is all green, but one that is close to that with a little aqua.

    You guys have had so much snow this year. I can’t believe that you got hit again.

    Those feathers are beautiful, Wendy. I love the swirl you did with them.

  9. More snow and another snow day…yikes! I have a mish mosh of green nothing that would work for too many at the table…
    Love the celtic cutwork…

  10. No snow here, but it is cold and overcast. Wow, those feather wreaths are gorgeous! We don’t do anything to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day here except sometimes I’ll put my Irish Tenors CD on. :-)

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