Patches & Crosses: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, Happy Monday!  I am alive and well, and have been working hard to meet some hard deadlines.  But like I often tell many of you in my personal correspondences, I really don’t have anything to complain about.  Work is good, and I really don’t mind the work… here is a sneak peek of one of my recently finished projects:


Oh, what a surprise — GRAY again!  This time, it’s gray + pink + orange + taupe + brown = another unexpectedly pleasant color combination (don’t you think?).  When I set out to design, I don’t really give myself any constraints.  So, I guess subconsciously, this gray thing continues.  I can’t help but wonder if this gray trend coincides with the phenomenon of my hair turning increasingly gray… Lightheartedness aside, you can see my other “gray” quilts here:

1.  Winter Wonderland (The Quilter, Holiday 2013)

winter wonderland schematic

2.  Home is where the Quilt is (Quilter’s World, December 2011)

RJR Thimbleberries4

3.  Urban Stars (Quilt Trends, Winter 2014)


4.  Manhattan (Quilt Trends, Fall 2013)

Design 1b_45 x 52.5

5.  Spiral Squared (McCall’s Quilting, January/February 2014)


6.  Persian Rug (Annie’s Fat Quarter Shuffle, Fall 2013)


7.  Starry Dance (Annie’s Fat Quarter Shuffled, Fall 2013)


8.  Silver Lining (Free Pattern Download for Benartex, July 2013)

Design 2a_64 x 76_redo1_high res

9.  Moonflower (Free Pattern Download for Quilting Treasures, October 2013)

Moonflower_High Res

On a more serious note, this past weekend was an emotionally unsettling weekend for me due to the missing Malaysian Airline plane.  Being from that part of the world, I am certainly not foreign to the major airlines of the region.  Though I do not know the passengers on board the missing plane, anyone from my immediate and extended family could have met the same fate.  Once again, I am reminded, just how little control we have over our life, and how swiftly we can pass from this life… I have been hugging my little one a little more tightly and more frequently because of that reminder.

I continue to anxiously wait for news updates on the situation this week… and do pray for the families during this trying time.

Thank you for stopping by, dear Friends!  Hugs and blessings to you.

14 thoughts on “Patches & Crosses: Sneak Peek

  1. Sew happy to have you back. I have been missing you, but I knew that you were knee-deep in projects. Your latest sneak peek is very intriguing.

    We must all live each day to the fullest………… Prayers and thoughts for all…..

  2. I too am praying for all those passengers on the missing plane. It is so bizarre that the FAA types do not have an idea what happened. I’m not giving up on a positive outcome.

    BTW – Beautiful quilts, stunning free-motion quilting and I appreciate the free-patterns too! Of course, you are a great tease with the inspirational fabrics too!


  3. The Grey does seem to work outside of the modern ! Not my first color wave to look at, but I can see its uses. Praying for all those traveling and the family of the ones lost in this tragedy.

  4. Such a lovely parade of quilts :) Thanks for reminding of your wonderful Manhattan quilt Wendy! I just bought an amazing big print fabric and was coming up empty on a pattern that would do it justice…. I think this will be perfect! I downloaded the pattern when you offered it on your blog, so I’m off now to find it :)

    I too have been very unsettled after the news of the missing plane – those poor families!!!! Prayers going up…..

  5. I have been praying & hoping for news of that Malaysian flight too. God bless you. I bet you called your family. It’s close to an invasion into our world, reminding us of it’s dangers. But also reminds us of God’s specific plans for us all.

  6. I have to say having Dear board a plane on Sunday was a little unnerving. I do hope that something will be found soon. It must be so hard for all the family members waiting. Love the Persian rug quilt…

  7. Beautiful quilts Wendy – thank you for sharing them. We are also praying for everyone aboard that jet. It is very unsettling for all of us and we’re especially keeping the families of those currently missing in our hearts and prayers too. Hugs, Karen

  8. Dear Wendy – I’m praying along with you. One of the missing passengers was a young Malaysian woman who was working in Pittsburgh PA, so the news hit close to home. It’s also one of life’s reminders to hold close those we care about! (((hugs))) to you and your family!

  9. Wendy, I don’t watch or read the news so I had not heard about the plane. My prayers to the families and to the passengers. I will be sure to google this.

    I love your quilts as always!



  10. The disappearance of that plane is very unsettling. Just last week a 37 year old wife and mother of a 3 and 7 year old from our church passed away due to a severe reaction to a medicine, and last weekend my husband’s coworker’s wife died in her sleep – she was in her 40s. It has been a sobering reminder that we truly don’t know what a day ay bring forth and how much time we may have.It’s so important to be ready to meet our Maker and to live in light of eternity.

  11. Hmmmm….maybe that is why I find myself so attracted to grays too!!!! I like the new colors there. I can’t wait to see the full review.

    I think I am partial to Manhattan. I love that lime green!!!

  12. Thank you to all our international friends for caring for the plane. Everyone at home is praying and waiting for news – even when it’s 12th day today… :(

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