Stars & Snowflakes: Sneak Peek

Hi Friends, we have been well acquainted with snowflakes this winter (quite well, actually).  We had two rounds of snow last week, and just had another round yesterday, a rather big one at that.  Miss Baby’s school was canceled yesterday and today.


As for stars, since we live in the city, we don’t often get the luxury of enjoying a full sky of twinkling stars very often… but I thought Stars and Snowflakes seems an apt name for a recently finished quilt.  The sawtooth star block is the favorite of many, and I thought I would show you a cute way to quilt the block.


Thanks for stopping by.  I am running behind on things — that’s what I haven’t been by your blogs to visit you, or responded to your comments.  Please know that I have not forgotten you.  Meanwhile, my pile of published quilt is piling up quickly.  As soon as the weather gets warmer, I will get out there and work in photo shoots of these quilts in order to share about those quilts with you.  It is just too cold for an outdoor photo shoot with the temperatures hovering in the mid-20’s.

So tell me what you are working on this week…

Hugs to you all!

20 thoughts on “Stars & Snowflakes: Sneak Peek

  1. Hugs right back. I enjoy any word from you and love the snowy quilting. Looks like so.e of the storms we’ve had.

  2. Finished 2 table runners, 2 sets of hot pads and a quilt for our bed. It’s snowing constantly so quilting is a good diversion, don’t you think???? Hugs…SSAB

  3. OOhh, I’d like to see the rest of “Stars and Snowflakes.” Looks like my kind of quilt!! I am still facing packing boxes, but we are near the end. I have been doing some Redwork in the evening. I need my fix. My local quilt shop has finally received the Quilting Treasures fabrics for the “Plain & Fancy” quilt. I am excited!!!

  4. Your quilting on the stars is lovely. Makes me think the stars are just gently floating above us. I really enjoy your blog.


  5. Gorgeous stars. I just love stars. Snowflakes have not been seen in Texas, but the cold has. So much ice on our poor trees this morning. Some were dragging the ground until the sun come out.

  6. So when you quilted that block, did you mark the design first or just do it free motion? I’m really having trouble keeping my stitches even and the lines under control.

    • Hi Katy,

      I did for this quilt except the extending swirls. I did that to keep a somewhat uniform look.

      Keeping stitches even and under control – perhaps try quilting a little slower? Sometimes that helps.

      Thanks for stopping by, Wendy

  7. The quilting design is great. I will try it. What have I been working on? Well, organizing and decluttering. Last week I pulled out my panels and made a list. Donating the ones I no longer want, but that was a small list. I’ve got about half listed. This week the plan is to list the other half….Stay warm!

  8. That’s adorable, Wendy! I especially like the movement created by those quilted swirls at the sides of your star — it really gives it that blustery snow day feel. I hope Miss Baby is getting to play in all of that snow, by the way!

  9. Last night on the news I saw where we have had 63 inches of snow so far this year, glad we are not falling behind other parts of the country!!!

    Working on my quilt for our quilt show the end of this month.

  10. This is beautiful Wendy and I am so partial to Stars being my maiden name is “Morningstar” ;) Love, love, love it! Thanks again for the sharing your beautiful designs with us. Hugs, Karen

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