Intricacy is alive…

… and well!  I love details, and am not much of a minimalist!  I am entertained by details, especially details in china patterns.  I love a pattern that I can never tire of looking.  My heart sang when I saw this picture, among others, that show the intricacy of stitching on a bullfighter’s costume, made in Spain.

bullfighter1[image source: Getty Images/Daily Mail, UK]

Click here to read the article and see the rest of the images.  I hope you are wow-ed, as I was!  Are you inspired by details?

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15 thoughts on “Intricacy is alive…

  1. WOW!!!! Absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of a very large, but intricately detailed, silk picture that we have hanging in our home. It is created by artisans in a small village in China. The picture is stitched using silk Floss consisting of 32 strands. They use only one strand to stitch with, creating layer upon layer. We were told that it took about a year and a half to complete our beautiful picture. I asked the dealer if I could learn to do this. He very delicately told me that I was too old, the art begins when children are 4-5 years old. Talk about detail….there is nothing that can replace it. I love it and am in awe of such fine, detailed and delicate work!! Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

  2. Rosemary B here:
    I love this embroidery. It is spectacular!
    These ladies I am sure are loving every minute of creating such beautiful artistry on these outfits. What an amazing story of tradition, and the work that goes into the preparations.
    Of course in the comments on the article there are all sorts of nasty remarks about butchering animals, but no one blinks an eye at aborting a “burden of a baby” these days.

    My mom does this sort of embroidery, well, she did. she made many alter cloths for church. She used that gold thread, AND she made lace from Gold thread. I have a sample hanging in my house. She used to have a lot of patience doing all of that embroidery – especially when she was traveling around with my dad all over Europe when he worked for the State Department.

    Ugh, sorry, I did not mean to get all anti PC today. I will blame it on my frustration with this impending storm and I am sure my G Street quilt club is cancelled for tomorrow – :-(

  3. Three things stuck me as amazing about the pictures, one, the weight of the costume, especially with the cape! Must come close to 25-30 lbs or more!!! Second, the chairs the ladies were sitting, those ladder-back chairs are some of the most uncomfortable chairs, even if you have a cushion, and to sit there for hours! Those machines, here I am learning to use a new computerized machine but thinking made all these expensive machines don’t necessarily do the best work.

  4. Oh my – beautiful work! I can’t even begin to imagine the hours that would go into those costumes. And to think that I have a few of those machines here, and I am wishing for one of those new fancy all in one machines?? And they are doing stuff like that on those old machines? Maybe I need to learn a little more patience? Thanks for sharing Wendy! I agree with Bunny tho…. some day on a costume for Miss Baby….

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