BFF, temporarily!

Hello Friends, I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth!!!  I have been bonding with my seam ripper taking out quilted stitches.  I quilt tiny to small when it comes to stitch length, and so it makes taking out stitching extra challenging… This makes the third out of my last six quilts where I have had to take out quilting stitches because I didn’t like how the quilting looks.  I sure hope this isn’t a long lasting pattern.


I am needing some sympathy right about now – please feel sorry for me, hehe.  If you have a seam ripper related horror story, please let me hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a lovely weekend.  Come back next Monday – I will be sharing with you  my Hurry Home quilt!  We have a lot more to cover in the coming days.

40 thoughts on “BFF, temporarily!

  1. I certainly understand. My least favorite skill when quilting. Sure do love your work when it is done though. My last quilt saw my ripper more than once.

  2. :( I do feel sorry for you. I hate to have to undo things and I’m afraid I have about 5 blocks that will need it. Just discovered I wasn’t suppose to sew the 4 parts together…..giggle.

  3. Are you kidding me? Me and the seam ripper are absolutely best friends whenever I try to sew anything! I do feel sorry for you and all those little stitches that need to be taken out…

  4. Oh sorry, Wendy, that is just too funny. Been there, done that but not quilting just sewing, like wrong side of fabric to the right side. Yep!

  5. Oh dear girl we wondered if you were buried under snow, ice or trees ;) Glad to hear all is well — sorta :( I ripped out a large portion of my Winter Apple back in the fall – no fun. Seems like there has been alot of “not good enough” or “I don’t like it” going around these days. Sometimes I think we’re too hard on ourselves — I think your quilting is ALWAYS fantastic. We can wait to see what you have to share next week. Enjoy your Quilty weekend. Karen

  6. Wow! Your quilting is so beautiful, that I couldn’t imagine you having to rip out stitches … now I don’t feel so bad about the occasional un-sewing that I do. You are miles ahead of me in feathers. I so enjoy looking at your quilting.

  7. How unpleasant, to say the least!!! You have my total sympathy. It’s bad enough to have to “unsew” but to do it with a schedule like yours is ‘insult to injury’!!!!! Knowing you, it will be ok and tomorrow is another day…a fresh start. Hugs and prayers………………….SSAB

  8. I, too, have had to spend time with the seam ripper!! However, when I see a seam ripper I always think back to when I was in high school home economics. We had to make something with a set in sleeve. One girl in our class put her sleeves in backwards!!!! She would NOT rip them out and do them right! We had to wear our finished projects on “Fashion Day”. She was soooo uncomfortable!!! Wearing our projects was how our teacher taught us to do a good job!!

    Hope you enjoy this story!

  9. Rosemary B here:
    I love the colors I see here.
    boy oh boy, do you want to see some bad stitching? haha
    I have four “un-sewing” devices, and many comfy chairs with good lighting, enough space for my kitty boy too.
    I have been MIA too. So busy with the parents. …and working on little things.
    I am so tired of the cold, and the sand, and the salt bits every where you walk.
    I am tired of taking my mini vac to the carpets.
    Stay warm, I know you enjoyed Mount Vernon Quilt club. They appear to be a talented bunch of ladies.

  10. Oh wow. I don’t like ripping out even a few stitches – can’t imagine having to do that much! I did have a friend’s mom who called it “reverse stitching” – somehow that made her feel a little better about it. :-)

  11. Oh, Wendy, I totally sympathize. Maybe a trip to another quilt show should be in order for you to look at all the lousy quilting (just ignore the outstanding quilting ;’)

  12. Hi Wendy

    Ohhhhh I can so relate!!! Quilted two diamonds on my flea market treasure quilt with the swirl – didn’t like the stitches using bsr – seemed erratic so after three days of picking it all out at square one again – ugh

    Judy from Wisconsin

  13. I love your sneak peak! Looking forward to seeing the rest. I have picked out at least a million quilted stitches and have some more put away for now that need picking out! But I know how you feel– if it isn’t going to do, it just isn’t!

  14. That is such a bummer. I hope you didn’t have to rip what you showed us. That was looking really good. Take a few deep breaths this weekend.

    • Hi Sue,

      Yes, I did… unfortunately. I thought for sure it would work — I have been planning and plotting out the quilting scheme for weeks in my mind. Sometimes, what is in my mind is just not quite it is… :( It’s okay, all the sympathy I have been getting from you lovely ladies helps me soldier on…

      Hugs to you! Wendy

  15. Hi Wendy, I have a piece of clear vinyl that I place over my tops and audition various quilting designs with a wash away marker. If I don’t like the way one looks, I simply erase it and start again. It saves Lots of unsewing for me. Sorry you are stuck with your seam ripper!

  16. unpicking is a pain, why or why does it have to be so much worse than the stitching, that is a good tip form Nancy if you are using a design and not random quilting

  17. Oh, Wendy! You have my sympathy as well as my empathy. My seam ripper and I were having a “therapy” session the other night. I was ironing a seam in my daughter and son-in-law’s almost-finished queen sized quilt top, when before I realized, it was scorched. Even my Teflon ironing board cover was scorched! The thermostat had just blown out on my iron. After the iron cooled, I tossed it in the garbage. Argh! I decided it was better to rip it apart and replace the scorched pieces.

  18. my sympathy. I don’t mind unpicking for my students when they feel they can’t live with something, as I know from experience how disheartening it can be to have to unpick.
    I was sewing in my jacket sleeve and realized I had stitched the sleeve in back to front! Unpicked it and repeated the process! Only to find I had stitched it wrong the second time! -Definitely time for a tea break!
    Another time in a hurry to finish a quilt- I kept having to unpick bits when my seam ripper broke. Oh no! I looked at all the threads on the floor and decided to vac up all the threads instead and having got part way into the room I was sewing in the vacuum cleaner started smelling rather strange-I looked round to see smoke coming from it. Definitely time for a tea break!! I’m glad we are blessed with a sense of humour!

  19. My sympathies Wendy. I’m curious. What was the problem you saw? Was it stitch quality, proportion wrong or something else? I’d like to understand your thought process. I only see your beautiful work, never mistakes!

  20. Sympathy…YES! My horror stories are probably the same for many of us….accidentally cutting the quilt blocks/borders, stabbing the fingers and drawing blood that got on the fabric & finally, the breaking of the seam ripper. I have 6 or 7 seam rippers in my drawer! The ergonomic ripper from Clover/Clotilde is the best one.

  21. Unsewing is definitely the worst part of the process. A lot of my friends use the battery-powered ripper…I’m old-school; I’m afraid I’ll cut through my fabric! I’m sure your stitching will turn out beautiful, as always!

  22. Oh, Wendy, you have my sympathies! That’s just awful – I know, I’ve been there. Just last week I had to unpick an entire quilt top (wait for it – the blog post is coming soon). But that’s nothing compared to what you are doing with the quilting, I’ve done that too. Many hugs my friend!

  23. How ironic, I started a quilt today, did one row and I am not pleased. :-(. In fact I couldn’t sleep worrying whether to take it apart, so I got up to check my email and found your post. Good to know I am not the only one who has to remove all those stitches. I think if I don’t I will always regret it. I think I chose the wrong color thread as well as the wrong pattern for the quilt. I bought my first longarm last March and have so much to learn. Sure wish I had a friend with a longarm also. Thank goodness for the internet.

  24. Spent plenty of time that way. Sometimes I have to change the lighting in the quilting area – almost randomly – to be able to really see what I am doing and/or thinking about doing.

  25. Oh Wendy – how we can all relate! I have been doing a lot of ‘un-sewing’ on my current project, which is for a challenge due the end of this week! EKKK! And I haven’t even gotten to the quilting part yet, cuz I have had a cast on my left hand 2 almost 2 weeks lol. I’m thinking I might not make the finish line with this one… good luck!

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