Flower Boxes: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,  it’s good to have you visit again!  Tuesdays are “write-off” days for me as far as work goes because I end up working at my “other” job (aka being the Miss Baby’s chauffeur).  So this will be quick!  I completed my first quilt for 2014 shortly after New Year a couple of weeks ago… meet  Flower Boxes.


I am not sure if my picture did the fabrics justice as it is harder to take good pictures in the winter light, but I do like that stripe fabrics very much! SO, curious mind wants to know what is on your agenda today, or if you have had a 2014 finish!! Thanks for stopping by.  I shall chat with again tomorrow, Lord willing.

p.s.  Oh, and speaking of Miss Baby… she is quite the Little Miss these days.  She turned 5 this year, and thinks she knows EVERYTHING, and is already looking forward to when she is 10!


14 thoughts on “Flower Boxes: Sneak Peek

  1. A typical LITTLE miss…..wanting to be older!! That color palette is so warm and lovely!!!! (Can you tell we’re in the middle of another frigid wave???) 2014 has been quite productive thus far. Quilted 2 QOV and 3 clients’ quilts and have gotten some smaller “giftie” projects completed/given. Also, cut out most of the “Stained Glass” pieces. Hope to get to some piecing today!!! Happy chauffeuring!!!! Hugs…………SSAB

  2. I love to see the quilting you do on each project. Fantastic! Do you put the design on the top before you put the pieces together? What do you mark it with? Trying to learn to quilt on my machine.

  3. Miss Baby will always be Miss Baby to us…today she looks forward to being 10…tomorrow she will look back at being 10 and say where did the time go… love the quilt Wendy!

  4. My daughter always looked ahead and still does (as if time was not flying by fast enough). I just finished a 18″ pillow for her 21st birthday on the 26th. It is wool on flannel. The first time I have used flannel and cotton stems with my wool applique. It worked out fine. The pattern is a pomegranates design from the magazine Primitive Quilts and Projects Winter 2013. Here is the link if you are interested in seeing my pillow Wendy. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/284289795202020376/

  5. Hi Wendy,
    I finished my first 2014 project last week, my husband and I installed it last Wednesday. it is a mural – 3 panels, a pattern from the winter 2013 of quilts and more. When I quilted it, in some sections, I used your jester hat pattern that you showed us in your e-course. The result is amazing!
    Have you designed murals ? Ginette

  6. This quilt is what we need this winter!! We are in the middle of another Polar Vortex and it is -7. Heard on the news that the east coast is getting ready for another major snow storm. Stay safe.

    My little sewing group is working on the Civil War Sampler by Barbara Brackman. We had a “sew in” this weekend and I completed several blocks. Everyone is using different fabrics.

  7. Happy 5, Miss Baby. Wendy, she is smart. She has you for a mom! I’ve had two big finishes, and will be quilting a baby quilt that’s a gift for my niece’s shower on Sunday. Then I have some table runners to finish. Both of my finished quilts have FMQ that was inspired by you. One uses something like Jester’s hats, and the other has the feathers you shared yesterday (the border in the different thread color). Thanks again for your sharing your projects. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Gosh….those colors are great!!

    Ah yes…..why do they have to loose the knowledge that mommy knows everything? I hope her 5th year will continue to be happy and healthy. Happy birthday to her!

  9. Happy Birthday to Miss Baby….didn’t you feel you knew it all at 5?

    Thanks for all the updates and beautiful quilt pictures and sharing your knowledge…thanks, Karen

  10. Oh yes — those stripes are very pretty – and the colors on this quilt remind us of Spring — we could use some of that too! Hope you’re surviving this weather down there… Chilly… and perfect for sewing. Take care now. Hugs, Karen

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