FREE PATTERN: Petals & Matrix (5 Colorways!)

Hello Friends!  I hope you are well.  It’s been crazy busy at Ivory Spring, but I am not complaining.  I have another free pattern to share with you… this design is a little different in that it comes in 5 colorways: brown, blue, green, purple and rose.

Design 1a_51 x 57_High Res

Design 1b_51 x 57_High Res

Design 1c_51 x 57_High Res

Design 1d_51 x 57_high res

Design 1e_51 x 57_High Res

These quilts are designed with fabrics from Quilting Treasures’ Petals & Matrix fabric collections.  Click here and here to view fabric ranges in their entirety.


I am showing in the following a sample of the actual fabrics, with which I am making another REALLY exciting quilt.  If you like small prints, calico, you will love the Petals fabrics.  They look like they are “calico-updated”, and almost have a Liberty of London feel to the prints.


Click here to download the free pattern instructions.  And while you are at it, please tell me if you are a brown, blue, green, purple or rose person!  Personally, I am really liking the blue and the brown versions.

Thanks for stopping by.  I am quickly whittling down my 2013 residual items… I am looking forward to be able to starting sharing with you my 2014 stuff!  Stay tuned.

*** Meanwhile…

If you recall, I had also designed an upcoming Plain & Fancy Block-of-the-Month quilt program for Quilting Treasures.  The program will be starting in various local quilt shops between February and April 2014.  I will be posting a special post with contact information of participating quilt shops in a couple of weeks!  Plain & Fancy comes in pieced and applique versions.

BOM_Alternate_High Res

BOM_Applique_High Res


In case you haven’t checked out my other 2013 free patterns:

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February: Butterfly Kisses (Quilting Treasures)
March: Pumpkin Patch using Autumn Fauna (Benartex)
March: Floral Linda using Catalina (Benartex)
April: Forest Floor using Wildflower Wood (Lecien/Lynette Anderson)
April: Nature’s Harmony using Silent Harmony (RJR Fabrics)
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August: The Gallery using Floral Philosophy (Benartex)
September: Country Stars using Mending Fences (Lecien/Lynette Anderson)
October: Moonflower (Quilting Treasures)
October: Tutu Cute (Quilting Tresaures)
November: Movement in Squares using Op Art Reflections by Benartex
November: Princess Aiko using Cherry Blossom Festival by Benartex
November: To Eternity and Beyond using I Want My Space by Benartex
November: Space Odyssey using I Want My Space by Benartex
November: It’s Electrifying using Electric Feathers by Benartex
November: A Midtown Story using City Construction by Benartex
November: Towne Square using Quilters Garden (RJR Fabrics/Lynette Anderson)
November: Apple Jacks using Quilters Garden (RJR Fabrics/Lynette Anderson)
November: Farm Crossing (The Quilter December 2013/January 2014)
December: Zoe & Zack Crib Quilts (Quilting Treasures)
December: Petals & Matrix (Quilting Treasures)

17 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Petals & Matrix (5 Colorways!)

  1. Ooh., I’m liking those mini calico prints. Those are my kinds of fabrics. I usually go with the rose, green, or brown……..hmmmmm, guess that I like all of them!!!

  2. I am so glad to see calicoes making a comeback, after all the loud, large patterns we’ve had the last few years! Calicoes are so delicate and old-fashioned! I’m sure you’ll make lovely quilts with them.

  3. Your pattern looks amazing. My favorite colors are blue and purple.

    I am really excited for your BOM. But not sure if my LQS is having this program or not.

  4. I’m leaning toward the green and rose……because they remind me of summer gardens…sigh! The (polar) opposite of what is outside at the moment!!!!! Hopefully, this morning’s -12F will be the last for a while!!!! Hugs…………SSAB

  5. Love the rose color. I have always been partial to things with pink undertones.

    The polar vortex is finally lifting here. We are at a balmy -7. Really puts me in the mood to make quilts.

  6. Oh Wendy!! I really love this pattern!! I am drawn to the purple. The colors remind me of my Dowager Countess colorway for my Downton Abbey quilt! I have a nice collection of Moda’s Little Black Dress that will look really great in this pattern!! Another to add to my growing list of “to do’s”!! Thank you for the free pattern!!

  7. Wow – it looks like another great year at Ivory Spring! Love the calicos. Being a newer to quilting “adventurous beginner”, I look forward to quilting in those fabrics. And you took my breath away with your BOM. I just put a similar block pattern on my bucket list lol – and here’s a whole quilt, all figured out – thank you Wendy (((hugs))) and it has some spinners too – can it get any better than that?

  8. See you have Litchfield MN – We have a fantastic quilt shop in Hutchinson about 20 miles away – have you thought of them?

  9. forgot to mention, thank you for the tutorials – trying to get the guts to try some machine quilting but really intimidated.

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