FREE PATTERN: Zoe & Zack Baby Crib Quilts (more sock monkeys!)

Happy Monday, Friends.  You have seen my sock monkey quilts in the past… (designed with Quilting Treasures‘ Monkey Around collection, by Bethany Shackleford)

Free Pattern:  Monkey Around I

Monkey Around1

Free Pattern:  Monkey Around II

Monkey Around Redo4a

And, Monkey Around in Quilter’s World (April 2013).

monkey around

I am most happy to share with you Bethany Shackleford has designed a “sequel” to her last sock monkey fabric collection.  Meet the Zoe & Zack quilts I have designed using the new Zoe & Zack collection.  The design comes in boy and girl colorways.

Crib Quilt Blue_high res with binding

Crib Quilt Pink_high res with binding

Aren’t these baby monkeys just the cutest things you have ever seen?  Click here to see the entire fabric range.  I would like to remind you these fabrics come in FLANNEL too!! I have in my mind flannel PJ’s, flannel crib sheets, flannel car blanket…

zoe & zack

Click here(blue) and to download pattern.


I hope you are delighted to see these baby sock monkeys.  They certainly bring a smile to my face.  Thanks for stopping by.  Come back tomorrow for more sock monkey fun!  Till then.


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8 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Zoe & Zack Baby Crib Quilts (more sock monkeys!)

  1. The sock monkey fabrics are too cute!! Flannel sounds like the perfect fabric of the day!! Looking forward to more fun tomorrow.

  2. Just LOVE the sock monkey quilts!!! I am going to have to look for the flannel monkeys. I also love flannel quilts and it is one of my fave quilts to make….and to snuggle under for nap time.

  3. can’t seem to find the boy or girl colourway quilts free pattern do you have the link I can download to get the pattern clicking from your website comes up not able to find thanks

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