2013 Recap Series: First Apperances

Hello Friends, it’s good to have you visit again.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration.  We like having a long and drawn out Christmas — so, we observe the 12 days of Christmas!  How about you?


I have had a few every exciting first time “publishing appearances” in 2013.  It’s been kind of nice re-visiting some of these projects because I can remember the events happening in parallel in my life when I was working on the projects.

1.  American Patchwork & Quilting 2014 Calendar, Cover Quilt



2.  Farm Crossing (Australian Quilters Companion, Issue 64), Cover Quilt



3.  Quilting Curvy Feathers in Machine Quilting Unlimited (March/April 2013)


4.  Yay Day (Quilt It…Today, July/August 2013)


Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends.  I took a couple of days off work, and will be back to work tomorrow!  I will have pictures of some of my in-progress  projects as soon as we are finished with our 2013 recap.

What fun things are happening at your end for the rest of the week?


My 2013 Recap series so far…



Riley Blake

RJR Fabrics

Quilting Treasures


7 thoughts on “2013 Recap Series: First Apperances

  1. You’ve had an amazing, productive year! I knew you were smoking but seeing it all listed makes me know how amazing it is!

  2. So special to see how your year has passed. The recaps bring back memories for me, also. Haven’t gotten back to “work” yet. I gave myself permission to wait til after the 1st!! January is really packed, though……..and that is a “good thing”!!!! So glad you are able to enjoy some ‘me’ time!!!!! Hugs from DH and SSAB……….

  3. I have enjoyed your recap of your very productive 2013!! Wow!! You were busy with a capital B!! Thanks for the inspiration and the many learning tips that you so generously share with all of us. Looking forward to another successful year filled with even more inspiration. Happy New Year to you and your family, Wendy.

  4. The twelve days of Christmas are something that I try to celebrate as well. It is so good to see friends and get away from the everyday. You deserve a break Wendy!

    You have inspired me to be more productive in 2014 and try new quilting things. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful creations!!!

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