Christmas Reflections: 10,000 Joys

Dear Friends, I have to confess I have experienced pangs of grief and pain amidst the joyous cheer and anticipation of Christmas this whole month of December.  I grieve for dear friends who have lost their loved ones during the Christmas season.  I have cried thinking about how much those loved ones are missed…

Christmas 2013

And yet, grieving for the loss of a loved one is a reality of life from which we cannot escape…


Then I heard 10,000 Joys sung at church yesterday, and my heart was encouraged greatly by the words “… ten thousand joys — enough to last through all the years; And joy to shine through all my tears — ten thousand joys!”


This Christmas, may the ten thousand joys brought forth by the Christ Child will overshadow the grief you feel when you miss and think of your loved ones who have gone on before you — with the assurance that in Christ, you will be reunited at the other side of heaven.   Hugs and blessings to you.



Standing here beside the manger, looking at this little Stranger,

Wondering if He’ll be like other boys?

Looking down across tomorrow, knowing there will be some sorrow,

I still know He’ll bring ten thousand joys!

When I am alone with Jesus, in the quiet where no one sees us,

Or when He is with me in life’s lows,

If I speak, I know He’ll hear me and to know that He is near me

Always bring to me ten thousand joys!


I know He came from God to save us from our sins, 

And that He came to set His people free.

But how was I to know when Jesus came into my life,

That God’s own Son had come to bring to me…



Ten thousand joys!  Sweet Son of God You came to me!

And my heart sings because I know that You are mine!

In you I find ten thousand joys—enough to last through all the years,

And joy to shine through all my tears:  Ten thousand joys!


26 thoughts on “Christmas Reflections: 10,000 Joys

  1. Oh how lovely …it’s funny in a quiet moment you think of family that have passed and then you sent these words . They are delightful. thank you and best wishes for Christmas.

    I will certainly show my husband as he is one of the organists at our church
    Blueys Beach Australia

  2. this is a carol I have not come across before thanks so much for sharing it with us all. May I wish you joy, peace and happiness, this was on a blog I follow and think they are lovely words, much better than merry Christmas. In my thoughts and prayers this morning are the poor family and the soldier who lost his life in Afghanistan, it has just been on our news what a sad Christmas it will be for his family.

  3. It’s so true what you said I do miss my mum and dad at this time but take great cheer to all the times we had together merry Christmas to you all and a great and wonderfully new year xx

  4. And that is the glory of Christmas… That we have the promise of eternal life through the miracle of Jesus. What a gift. Each day with Jesus is a joy because he is joy, peace, hope, and love.

    You are such a precious friend. I hope you will be filled to overflowing with the joy of The Lord. The only thing that is better than Christmas is Easter, where he rose victorious to conquer sin and death. That is true cause for celebration.

    Here is wishing you, your sweet hubby, and Miss Baby a glorious Christmas celebration. As for those who weep, it may last the night, but joy cometh in the morning as the scriptures say,

    Love you and a Merry Christmas, Wendy!



  5. That is lovely Wendy! Thank you for those awesome words.

    Ten Thousand Joys to you and your beautiful family for Christmas and all through the year! Celebrating the birth of our Lord is a glorious time!

    Much love and happiness….miss you dearly!

  6. It’s been a tough year for many of us. Your words touched me, and reminded me of giving thanks for my blessings, and the 10,000+ joys in my life. Thank you for lifting me this morning,
    Merry Christmas to you and all these readers…
    on this eve of a baby’s birth.. a baby who changed the world! And I sing with the angels …Halleleujah!
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas, as you bless so many of us always with your words and wishes, as well as your works.

  7. I had not heard of that song but know of another by the same name. Wonderful truths! I ache for some of my loved ones sorrowing over the loss of our parents (both parents passed away in December though in different years) who don’t yet have that hope of Christ, and their grief outweighs everything else about the season. I pray they may find Him soon.

  8. Merry Christmas, Wendy. I, too, have been reflecting on the people we held near to our hearts and are no longer with us. I am so thankful that these people have been in my life. I rejoice at that.

  9. What a beautiful carol. Ten thousand joys. And what a joy you’ve been in my life. You’ve inspired me with the beauty of your quilts and also your quilting. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us. This will be my year to FMQ. I have 6 completed tops and I’m going to quilt them and not “quilt by checkbook”. I see Jester Hats in my future. ;) Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Prosperous New Year.

  10. Wendy, a very joyous Christmas and Happy New Year! I love this song, I hear it every advent.

    I have so enjoyed corresponding with you this past year and you have inspired me in so many ways.


  11. Dear friend Wendy,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    As always, I enjoy receiving your blog in my email. Every message from you is inspirational and always lovely with beautiful photos of your personal treasures and creations.
    This one, I think spoke to all of us. Each year we endure losses and huge changes that give us sadness and fear. It is always a comfort to know that our Lord Jesus did bring us 10,000 joys.
    We should reach out every day to bring joy to those that are grieving for what once was, and now is different.
    I am so fortunate to have found your blog and to have you as a friend.
    God’s blessings to you in the new year, I know it will be a good one <3
    Love always, Rosemary

  12. I don’t ever remember experiencing such a year as this past one. So many friends have passed…..I dare not count!!!! But our focus must remain on the One sent to free us from grief and sadness and give us a Hope that canNOT be taken!!!!! Blessings and hugs…….SSAB

  13. Beautiful words in that song of the Hope we have. May God bless you and yours this Christmas in the New Year with eyes to see all the Joy we have in Him! Merry Christmas!!

  14. Such beautiful words to begin my Christmas Eve Day. Thank you Wendy for your continued inspiration in so many ways. Have a blessed Christmas with your little family. Love n Hugs………

  15. beautiful. I was thinking of my late husband this morning, and about gathering today with our two sons and my husband now, and with other dear friends. I miss my late husband and always will, but I also felt the joy of (1) knowing where he is and that he’s safe with the LORD, and (2) the ongoing blessing of being with very dear family and friends. Thanks for sharing this – I’ve never heard the song, but my mind put a tune to it as I read it.

  16. I have been going to church since before I was born but cannot recall ever hearing/singing this song. It is a lovely song. Made me think of my favorite grandmother now sitting with our Lord in Heaven.
    Blessings to you and yours as we leave the old year and enter into the new one.

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