2013 Recap Series: RJR Fabrics

Hello Friends, thank you for visiting again.  I hope you know that you are always welcomed at Ivory Spring.   Before we get on with anything else, I would like to know how your Christmas preparations are shaping up.  Ours are coming along… surely.  I just have to make sure I have all the ingredients for our must-have Spinach Artichoke dip.


If you have been visiting here a while, you will know RJR fabrics are popular on this blog!  Without delay, here is my 2013 RJR lineup:

1.  Christmastide (Fons & Porter Easy Quilts, Winter 2013)


2.  Color Burst (QUILT, June/July 2013)


3.  Enchanted Forest (QUILT, August/September 2013)


4.  Christmas Cheer (Quilter’s World, Autumn 2013)


5.  In the Meadow (The Quilter, April/May 2013)


6.  Rising Stars (The Quilter, August/September 2013, Cover Quilt)


7.  Midnight Flurry (The Quilter, Holiday 2013)


8.  Free Pattern: Nature’s Harmony (Silent Harmony, RJR)

Design 5h_blue_high res

Design 5h_red_high res

9.  Tied with a Bow (A Gingerbread Christmas, RJR)

Kit Design2_high res

Kit Design1_high res

10.  Towne Square (Quilters Garden, RJR)

Kit Project

11.  Apple Jacks (Quilters Garden, RJR)

FINAL IMAGE_High Res_Apple Jacks

Thank you again for stopping by, Friends!  I hope you have enjoyed another of my “down the 2013 memory lane” post.  We will continue with our reminiscing next week.  Meanwhile, have a most blessed weekend.


My 2013 Recap series so far…



Riley Blake



13 thoughts on “2013 Recap Series: RJR Fabrics

  1. I love everything and anything made from the Claridge Manor line!!!! It is so gorgeous as is the piecing in all!!!!! Just did up a batch of easy “turtles”….1 bag of Rolos, pecan halves and small pretzel twists. Put unwrapped Rolo on a pretzel (which is on a parchment lined cookie sheet). Place in 325F oven for 3 min. Take out and push pecan half into the Rolo to secure. Cool. Yum. Hugs from SSAB

  2. I am so far behind. Will I ever catch up??? LOL

    I have something for you that still needs to be mailed. Maybe when Miss Baby graduates from high school. ;-)

    It will get there. It might be a New Years gift at this point, but it will get there.

    Oh, I love all of these! My fave is Color Burst. But it was a hard decision.

    Love you,


  3. Absolutely delightful. I’ve just added more quilts to my Wish List to make in the future. But I think you should come out with a “Coffee Table Quilt Book” with photos of all your beautiful and inspirational quilts. I’d buy a copy.

    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.


  4. I, once again, am in awe of what you accomplish and the consistent quality of your quilting. Have a fun and blessed Christmas. Miss baby will have a wonderful time.

  5. I seem to be muddling through without a very good game plan this year. But hopefully it’ll all be fine anyway! It’s fun seeing your recaps and all your fine quilting. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  6. My favorite is “Colorburst.” Your quits are all lovely, Wendy. I’m so in awe of how much you accomplish. By the way, I think a coffee table book or a DVD would be great.

    Enjoy your family time! Christmas blessings to all of you.

  7. Wendy they are all beautiful but Rising Stars is calling my name! The layout and quilting on it are just amazing. I’ve always wanted to make a star quilt to commemorate my maiden name “Morningstar”. One day… Many blessings to you and your family. Karen

  8. Just love the “Tied with a Bow”!! So perfect for the holidays! Merry Christmas! May you and yours be enveloped in Peace and Joy, as we celebrate the birth of Christ

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