2013 Recap Series: Benartex

Dear Friends, I love working with the Benartex team.  I have quilted with Benartex fabrics ever since my early days of quilting.  One of my all time favorite quilts, made from my early days, is Pieceful Garden, shown below.  Pieceful Garden had been published both in the US and the UK.

Fast forward to 2013, I hope you will enjoy seeing my Benartex-related projects this year.  Please be warned that it’s been a VERY happening year with Benartex!  Again, please feel free to click on the quilt names to view more pictures of the quilts.

1.  Now I know my ABC’s (Fons and Porter Love of Quilting, March/April 2013)


2.  Curious Cats (Fons and Porter Easy Quilts, Summer 2013)


3.  Fabrique Foursome (Fons and Porter Easy Quilts, Summer 2013)


4. Manhattan (Quilt Trends, Fall 2013)


5. Stained Glass (Simple Quilts & Sewing, Spring 2013)

stained glass6

6. Boxing Day (The Quilter, December 2013/January 2014)


7.  Free Pattern: Pumpkin Patch (Benartex, Autumn Fauna)

Design 3c_High Res_ Binding

8.  Free Pattern: Flora Linda (Benartex, Catalina)

Flora Linda

9.  Free Pattern: Birds on a Wire (Benartex, Let’s Tweet)


10.  Free Pattern: Silver Lining (Benartex, Urban Oasis)

Design 2a_64 x 76_redo1_high res

11.  Free Pattern: The Gallery (Benartex, Floral Philosophy)

Design 1b_redo2_45.5 x 50_high res

12.  Free Pattern:  Movement in Squares (Benartex, Op Art Reflection)


13.  Free Pattern:  Princess Aiko (Benartex, Cherry Blossom Festival)


14.  Free Pattern:  It’s Electrifying (Benartex, Electric Feathers)


15.  Free Pattern:  A Midtown Story (Benartex, City Construction)

Design 4b_49.5 x 61.5_High Res

16.  Free Pattern:  To Eternity and Beyond (Benartex, I Want My Space)

Design 3d_50 x 62_high res

17.  Free Pattern:  Space Odyssey (Benartex, I Want My Space)

Design 1a_54 x 62_high res

18.  Sew in Love {with Fabric} April Blog Hop (Benartex, Antoinette)

Bunny_Styled Shot1

19.  Sew in Love {with Fabric} Celebrating Christmas in July blog hop (Benartex, Peppermint Twist)

style shot3

20.  Sew in Love {with Fabric} Holiday Gift blog hop (Benartex, City Construction}


You deserve a medal if you scrolled through all the pictures to come to this point!  I hope you have enjoyed the post.  Thank you SO MUCH for letting me share with you all things Benartex at my end!  Our house brimming with excitement for the big Christmas day — I have to fly for now to plan out our Christmas menu.  What is a must-have in your Christmas menu?  We are still working out some must-haves for our Christmas meal(s).

Hugs to you all!


Have you check out the other post (s) in my2013 recap series?


18 thoughts on “2013 Recap Series: Benartex

  1. Cornbread dressing, not stuffing. There is a big difference. And the best dressing outside of homemade is from Cracker Barrel. We have all been cheating and getting them to make it for us. I could eat the whole pan! We have turkey and dressing at Christmas, too. My mother always had a cranberry congealed salad, cheese grits Soufflé and hot fruit compote in addition to squash casserole, broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and a choice of ambrosia with coconut cake or pecan pie for dessert. The coconut was fresh, hand grated. We also had chess pie, and my favorite is chocolate chess from a cookbook of a friend. We had turkey or ham, and there was a mustard sauce for the ham. I am probably forgetting something… Oh these fabulous tiny biscuits that they serve in the Deep South with my grandmother’s homemade crabapple jelly.

    I go lighter but basically the same. I can’t find jelly as good as Granny’s so I leave it off. She also made wonderful fig preserves.

    Love all the quilts… My faves: stained Glass, Princess Aiko, and A Midtown Story. Love the cute pillows, too! You ate super talented!

  2. Wow you make so many lovely quilts in a year, where and how do you store all of them after they come back home?
    Must have for Christmas dinner would be candied yams, I love them. Not the ones with marshmallows…Just diced and cooked in butter, brown sugar, molasses, and cinnamon….YUM!

  3. Wendy… you are a MOST prolific quilter. I just love sifting thru all the pictures. If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be a nine patch like your favorite Peaceful Garden. There is something especially comforting to me about snuggling under the ‘old fashioned’ patterns. Of course, that preference could be related to my age too. :-) Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. My (ideal) “must have” is sharing the meal, and the day, with the family seated around the table. Other than that…..anything goes! Rather “light” on any traditions. Loved going back to the UK “Pieceful Garden” and seeing how your quilting has progressed and, today, is so (re)fine(d). You continue to share how FMQ is not only possible on a DSM but is possible at a superior level and we all thank-you for that!!!!! Our home is “beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, too. Just pulled a loaf of fresh cranberry bread (found here:http://www.mennonitegirlscancook.ca/2013/12/christmas-cranberry-coconut-loaf.html) out of the oven. A little bit of a twist on the standard recipe. Am anxious to see/taste how it turned out. Off to the sewing room…..mug rugs await! Hugs……SSAB

  5. Such a beautiful array of quilts. I enjoyed seeing each of them. You are one very talented and prolific quilter. Thanks for this year’s end recap and for your continued inspiration. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Oh Wendy I’ve been delinquent and missed some of your fantastic posts! I will catch up because I would never want to miss any of your beautiful quilts – just so lovely. I’m planning out 4 different Christmas celebrations and one Birthday for the next 10 days and work is just crazy. Thanks for continuing to inspire us with your work! Our family just loves homemade cranberry salad – we never go without it. My sisters’ recipe and its yummy… Also making a firetruck cake for Saturday when our youngest grandson turns 3! Fun fun… And whoopie pies seem to be gaining ground with the little ones at Christmas. We have such fun. Gotta run but have a blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs, Karen

  7. Thank you for the wonderful recap of your 2013 quilts (along with “Pieceful Gardens which I hadn’t seen before). I look forward to what you bring us in 2014.

    Christmas dinner is generally much easier (for me) than our traditional Thanksgiving meal since a delicious ham so much easier to prepare (and less messy in the end).

    We’ll be having garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus and homemade cranberry sauce. I also hope to have a cornbread/corn casserole. We had it for the first time about three years ago and it’s too die for.It’s easy to put together with a box of Jiffy cornbread mix, a can of creamed corn, a can of whole corn, butter, sour cream and two eggs. (Google it)

    Have a blessed Christmas, Wendy and everyone!

  8. Wendy: I must say I love the Pieceful Garden plus I use to teach Earth Science and so I adore # 16 and 17. For Christmas Dinner we must have Country Ham from Virginia or KY., along with cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, grandsons like mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, and odd but our daughter loves cornbread dressing which always served with turkey or chicken so I try to have a ham and little turkey, green bean bundles, some kind of congealed salad. Coconut Cake and custard with little vanilla ice cream and cool whip on top. I made 5 Coconut cakes last yr to different ones but this yr I am down 4. Have a wonderful Christmas and God’s blessings for this coming New YR. Carol

  9. Fun to see the quilts again, Wendy! And it was fun to read what everyone is doing for Christmas. Our family has Black Angus Prime Rib from Sig’s Butcher shop here in town. Roast it in a Kosher salt shell. Sometimes I have to break the shell with a hammer to get to the roast! then it is mashed potatoes (made with heavy cream and butter) and green bean casserole. And either German chocolate cheesecake or turtle cake for dessert, along with pumpking pie and pecan pie (all homemade) and lots of whipped cream. This year, we are celebrating Christmas on two days with prime rib each day. Wouldn’t do it any other way with my family.
    Merry Christmas to you and your little family!
    donna j from KS

  10. The food tradition in our house is homemade Christmas cookies, the crispier the better. All the other food varies from year to year. I did make Broccoli Bread for Christmas this year. Love all the quilts. Amazing creativity and productivity. Have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Great quilts! My husband was quite impressed with the space ones.

    The constant in our house for Christmas dinner is Jesus’ birthday cake. It’s usually a different kind every year, but we always sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, even though our daughter is now married and expecting her own child.

  12. Again lot of my favorite ones. Your first quilt for Benartax looks awesome.
    I was intrigued by the pattern for “Movement of squares”. But again, there are more than one favorite in this bunch.

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