2013 Recap Series: Annie’s

Hello Friends, it’s lovely to have you visit again!  As the year draws to a close, I always like to take a few moments going through projects I have been able to shared with you throughout the year.  In many many ways, we shared these projects/quilts because you have cheered me on and encouraged me throughout the year.  Many of you prayed for me.  So, my 2013 Recap Series is a tribute to your friendship, encouragement, and the goodness when one finds a true friend.

To start us off, I am sharing with you my quilts that have been featured in pattern books, published by Annie’s.  Feel free to click on the quilt names listed with the quilt pictures for any additional information.

1.  Apple of My Eye in LOVE THOSE PRECUTS (Annie’s, January 2013, ISBN 978-1-59217-456-0)



2.  Sunburst Melody in SWEET LAYER CAKES (Annie’s, April 2013, ISBN 978-1-59635-646-7)



3.  Persian Rug in FAT QUARTER SHUFFLE (Annie’s, October 2013, ISBN978-1-59635-666-5)



4.  Starry Dance in FAT QUARTER SHUFFLE (Annie’s, October 2013, ISBN978-1-59635-666-5)



So, do you have a favorite out of the lot?

I will have a couple more projects featured in Annie’s pattern books in the upcoming year.  Stay tuned for details.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you will enjoy this ongoing recap series through the rest of the year.  Till the next post, tootles for now.


15 thoughts on “2013 Recap Series: Annie’s

  1. Boy, it is hard to choose. I think I favor the many pretty fabrics in Apple of my Eye today. It is always amazing when we see you “quilt roll” for the year. Thank God for the strength He gives to you. I physically cannot do all I would like to do and it sometimes makes me sad. When you love to create with your hands it is a burden to be hindered. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us I look forward to seeing the rest Wendy.

  2. “Persian Rug” just inches out “Apple of my Eye”…..I think, yes. They are, both, so glorious! I can picture them on a table set in a sunny, warm gazebo located in an English garden with tea service (coffee??) and lovely little cakes on tiered stands. Will you join me????? Lovely, holiday hugs from your SSAB……………

  3. I always love your recaps and this one is super inspirational. You have had a very busy year. Hopefully while there have been some bumps and stress, hopefully mostly a good year.

    Your quilts this year and FMQ are equally amazing, yet I truly believe every year they get better and better. Hard to improve when you have perfection, but they do. Thus, there is no way I can pick a favorite.

    Hope you will soon be taking a break and enjoying the holidays with family and friends.


  4. I love all of them, but Sunburst Melody is my favorite. I love sunshine, and this is so unique. Just love the graphics.



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