Project Preview: what would you name the quilt?

Happy Friday!!  I am totally at a loss when trying to come up with a name for this quilt that I am shipping to the editor on Monday.  Based on the fabrics and colors, might you help me out with a name for the quilt?  I wish I could show you the whole quilt, but I can’t until sometime next year.


Meanwhile, Christmas is shaping up nicely at my end.  My schedule became even more demanding because I am doing something Christmas-y with Miss Baby everyday in the afternoons.  We are having a blast, but poor Mom here is left totally strapped for time.  Here is a snippet of what Christmas looks like for us this year.


We are expecting inclement weather this weekend.   I know that many of you are in a middle of a snow/ice storm – do stay warm and safe!  Have a lovely weekend, Dear Ones!



44 thoughts on “Project Preview: what would you name the quilt?

  1. Naming a quilt can be difficult but even more difficutl with only a partial view of the quilt. How about Dots and Spots? The fabric and colors are lovely. Good luck!

  2. Wendy… how about Once in a Blue Moon? I’m enjoying your blog entries even tho I’ve been pretty quiet with comments. Just a busy time of year. :-)

  3. All the above suggested names are great!!! Busy here, too! And -3F….ugh! No ice, though, just 3″ to 4″ of snow for tomorrow (but it IS winter in MN, after all! LOL!). It appears that a little bit of the more “modern” is creeping into all of our quilts. Although quilting ‘feathers’ is still my fave “go-to”, I’m really lovin’ the simplicity and clean lines I’m seeing lately! Christmas quilt gatherings the next 2 days and Christmas music at the piano today and Tuesday (everyone seems to enjoy the ‘live’ musical presentations….especially at this time of year!). Some quick finish-it-up bindings on 3 items and I’m pretty much done for this year’s gifts. I never seem to get everything I’ve planned done but, Lord willing, there’s next year! Enjoy the family time!!! Hugs to all, SSAB

  4. It looks pretty springy to me, too. I was thinking Spring Day but I like Sue’s suggestion of Spring Bloom since one of the fabrics has flowers in it.

    You asked about our Charlie Brown Gingerbread houses – they were from a kit purchased at a Kroger’s grocery store.

  5. hi, when :I first saw your quilt, thought Above the clouds… f you just glance at it, it looks like clouds instead of petals and then all that white just justifies it,, anyway, hello ,, cant wait to see you end of the month ad stay warm and well to you and yours..

  6. Wendy, the way the small dots are there with the big dots reminds me of a telegraph for some reason, and the triangles remind me of sails. What about something like Transatlantic Journey or Transatlantic Voyage. I love the pattern and the colors. That takes in what the others mentioned… Bubbles, blue sky, sea, sailing, etc. or Caribbean Holiday. Every day is a holiday in the Cairibbean.

  7. Disapointing day attempting to use your lessions about machine quilting on my first quilt. Fortunately the quilt for my grandson, 7, so he wont notice. Difficult to move something bigger around. But, i will continue to work at it because enspire me with each beautiful quilt you make.

  8. I LOVE the Bryce carolers. I collected so many Lang houses, etc, I had to draw the line on collecting those. Where did you get the Advent calendar?

  9. I know its been mentioned, but SUMMER BREEZE was my absolute first thought…when I saw this..its the border that did it!

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