Needle and Thread “Variation”…

So it’s no big mystery to us needleworkers how needle and thread are the staples in our toolboxes.  But what if we only had needle and no thread?  What could we do with just the needle?  Japanese artist End Cape gives an interesting idea… how about needle and banana?  I actually see a ying yang quilt design in his banana art in the following image.

article-2507301-1967AFAE00000578-140_634x503[image source:  Daily Mail, UK]

Click here to read the original article with VERY cool pictures.

Click here to view more pictures.

So tell me what you think of banana art.  I think I should try it just to see if it is fun…

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have enjoyed this fun post.   Have a fantastic weekend!

8 thoughts on “Needle and Thread “Variation”…

  1. i used to pierce a banana down its length about every 1/4 inch, with a pin,and wriggle the pin from side to side. when it was peeled the fruit was sliced all along its length. I had to give it to the children before the skin turned brown, or they could see it had been “fiddled ” with. Was quite an entertainment the first time anyone saw it. Should have played some more , would have been fun , to give them art for their snack boxes.

  2. Golly…….creativity on a new level. The pictures a wonderful. It reminds me of Zentangles that are so popular. Think that I will continue with my fabric creations and save my bananas for eating.

  3. Amazing, but so much work for temporary art. Reminds me of all the work involved in building ice sculptures and sand castles only to melt and wash away. Thanks for sharing.

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