Quilter of words

Happy Veterans Day to my American friends!

“Permit me Sir to add, that Policy alone in our Present Circumstances, seem to demand that every Satisfaction which can reasonably be requested, should be given to those Veteran Troops who, ‘thro almost every Distress, have been so long and so faithfully serving the States…”

General George Washington to Governor Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut , June 28th, 1781


My friend Sheila of The Quintessential Magpie is a “quilter of words.”  She weaves inspiring words with the gorgeous pictures she takes from her world.  To start off our week, I am linking her post dedicated to quilts and veterans.


Click here to read the entire post.  You will NOT be disappointed, I promise!

Have a blessed day and week, dear Friends!


19 thoughts on “Quilter of words

  1. Wendy, what a beautiful tribute. And oh so deserving. I have been in awe of so many of your quilts. I have more of your emails flagged than anyone else’s. Keep inspiring us. Now that I will be retired and the holidays behind us I am going to take your class. And, yes, I will master feathers. Have a wonderful day, sweetie.

  2. Not only are you talented, you are so sweet. It was an honor to feature your quilts, Wendy. Your work is an inspiration and your friendship, a treasure.

    Loved the quote from GW.

    Happy Veteran’s Day!



  3. Shiela’s words are truthfully spoken and I so echo her beautifully worded post!! You inspire so many to push forward in their quilting adventure but, more importantly, share your sweet self with all your bloggy friends. Hugs and blessings, SSAB

  4. What a beautiful post to encourage, honor, and bless you Wendy. So deserving as you tirelessly pour yourself into us, your readers, in the midst of all you do for your quiltmaking career. We are blessed. Yes, we are blessed by all those who have faithfully served this country so that we could live a full, free life without oppression. Thank you God for that gift.

  5. Sheila’s post was simple beautiful. It shared so many of your facets, and I love that! We, here is blog land, are truly blessed by your graciousness. Thank you so much! (((hugs)))

  6. loved your blog some wonderful quilts and the way the blog has been put together shows them off the perfection. I would like to follow the magpie but was unable to find how to, have left a message for her so hope to join her blog soon

  7. Wendy, thanks so much for the last batch of scraps you sent me via Vickie W. I will be *digging* into them to see what I can make. I am much slower than you (don’t know how you keep the pace up) but surely do enjoy the process, then passing the quilts on to who needs them. So thank you for all you do. blessings abundant, Karen Arbaugh

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