FREE PATTERN: Princess Aiko

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you are well.  I had mentioned to you that I will have a series of free downloadable patterns to share with you in the near future… Princess Aiko is one!


This sweet quilt is designed with Benartex‘s Cherry Blossom Festival fabrics.  I just love the fabrics – they are really SWEET for sure!


The pinwheel blocks are used to symbolize the cascading cherry blossoms in the springtime when one stands under a fully blooming cherry blossom tree.

Jefferson Memorial2

Jefferson Memorial3


Now, the REALLY fun twist in this design is none other than Princess Aiko herself.  Benartex is offering a three-dimensional doll panel in the collection to make a most adorable craft doll (16″ height).

lg2290-99[image source:  Benartex]

Instead of using the doll panel to make the softie doll (which would probably be a flop had I attempted it — because I simply can’t sew to save my life!), I used the front pieces of the Sakura doll for applique on the quilt top.  It is a fun use of doll panels if making a soft doll isn’t your thing to do.


Click here to view full fabric range.  Fabrics are out now – so check your local quilt shops to purchase fabrics.  If you purchase your fabrics online, check to see which stores carry the fabric line.

Click here to download pattern instructions.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a lovely and blessed weekend!


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17 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Princess Aiko

  1. Love your applique……genius!!! Pinwheels always have a fun appeal, too! The fabrics seem to convey a feeling opposite of what is occurring outdoors these days……ahhh, those cherry blossoms….such a wonderful fragrance! Hugs….SSAB

  2. Adorable! Great use of the panel. You ARE sewing, by the way. Piecing a quilt and making a doll use the same idea, just different seam allowance. I know you’ve done curves. You are so cute. One of the most incredibly talented quilters says she can’t sew. That’s just so funny!

  3. That is just darling, Wendy. I am not a pink person, but this pattern is so sweet. I love what you did with the doll and the different sizes of pinwheels. Very clever.

  4. What do you mean “You can’t sew!!!!!!)” What on earth are you doing when you join all those fiddly little bits together to create fabulous blocks! I have more trouble piecing a quilt top together than I do sewing a dress. You are an amazing needlewoman.

  5. I agree with everyone else — I LOVE the doll applique so much better than just making it into a doll, and I also love the idea of appliqueing the back of the doll to the back of the quilt. You could even do that machine trapunto thing with an extra layer of batting under the applique to make her even more doll-like.

    You know those Flat Stanley kids’ books? (If not, I’m sure you will — Miss Baby might not have gotten to them yet). Well, your flat doll applique reminds me of that, and a book about Japanese dolls that I read when I was a child called Miss Happiness and Miss Flower. This is the Miss Flat Happiness Quilt! :-)

  6. So, where can I buy a kit ? Cute and beautiful; this is the way our daughter told us that baby #3 is a girl.

  7. I’ve just purchaed the entire collection of Cherry Blossom Festival, and wondered if you have an aqua/purple image of the quilt pattern, since all the fabrics are in at least two colors? I will be kitting this for my shop and would love to kit it in both colorways. Thank you!

  8. What is the formula for creating wealth? You just changed my mind on more than a couple things. How on earth can this type of thing happen? I seriously like these posts. I take a look at your page about every single day. Might you have any video of that?

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