Announcing PLAIN & FANCY: A Quilting Treasures BOM Program

Hello Friends, I am happy to share with you the news of an upcoming Quilting Treasures Block of the Month quilt program: Plain & Fancy.  So exciting!

BOM_Applique_High Res

Plain & Fancy, designed by yours truly, can be made with or without applique.  It is 82″ x 82″ finished.

BOM_Alternate_High Res

Plain & Fancy debuted at Houston Fall Quilt Market last weekend.

560825_523388931089276_1364706554_n[image source:  Quilting Treasures Facebook]

The following are the particulars of this BOM program:

1.  Release is scheduled for early next year (around February).  Mark in your calendar.

2.  Only available through quilt shops – the shops are starting to place their orders.  Check with your local quilt shops if they have placed their orders, or ask them to do so.  Contact your local quilt shops if you are interested in participating.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the fabrics that are included in the quilt!  These fabrics are GORGEOUS, or “go-jeous” as Miss Baby says it.


I hope you will get as excited as I am about this quilt when it gets closer to February!  When I look at this quilt, I am reminded of my dear quilting friend, JoyceO, whose work you have seen here.

I hope you have liked what you saw.  Thanks for stopping by!  Hugs to you all.

16 thoughts on “Announcing PLAIN & FANCY: A Quilting Treasures BOM Program

  1. Oh, this is, indeed, gawgeous as Miss Baby says! You are so talented, and that fabric is lovely both in pattern and in color.

    Great job!

    This makes me want to learn how to actually quilt and not just buy quilts!



  2. I love this! I have a FQ collection in Christmas prints that I think would work well in this design. Too bad it’s not available as just a pattern. Congrats on the BOM, though! I love your work!

  3. Thanks for thinking of me because, yes, I do love the quilt and the collection of fabrics. I will have to check out my new quilt shop in TN to see if they will be carrying this BOM next year. Kudos to you, Wendy!!!!!

  4. Hurray! I am a huge block of the month fan!! It is so relaxing to do a block at the end of the day and watch the stack grow each month. Can’t wait for this one to hit my LQS!!

  5. This is a truly lovely design, both in pattern and fabric choices! I love the more traditional quilts and the fabrics are like the old time calicoes!

  6. Wendy, this was a stunning quilt at Market and one I do want to blog about. With your permission I’d like to also include pictures/info from your email to help promote.

    I’m attaching photos from Market that I meant to share with you previously. Please feel free to use as you wish and no need to mention me. I’m not a professional photographer and my little pocket camera doesn’t do that great of a job. Still, I want to share.

    I had to go back a couple of times to try to get a photo of your quilt without sales people in front.

    Let me know if you want photos of their general booth/company logo.

    This is a wonderful design and I hope may quilt shops will pick it up. I know I’d love to make it. You’ve designed many amazing quilts, but this may turn out to be my favorite. Love it.

  7. Mine was stolen this year. 2018. Never used it. Never been washed. It was new. trying to find the fabric to make it again. Have the patterns to it. If anyone knows where I can get the block pattern fabric send me your email. Put it down Plain and Fancy. gkaymore02@

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